Hate My Love

by Damien Knight

Don’t love me, don’t stay, hate me
Hate me for my fickle heart
Hate I care to the point I fall apart
Don’t dare like matter or worry over me
Despise my belief in visions & dreams
Hate my poetry for pulling your strings
Show no pity for the shadow king
Scorn me, false flower, and leave strong
Go before I love, before I commit a wrong
My, our fate’ s in our hands I am sure
So go, hate my love, before you’re hurt

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To Stone (2011)

By Damien Knight

Don’t think ill of me
I feel like sand
Sand under pressure
Turns to stone once more
Love I know that doubt
In the sub-spaces of my mind
Is not who I really am
My heart isn’t ice
Remember it melted away
To the warmth of your love

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Help I’m Falling

By Damien Knight

I am falling, falling, falling fast like a star.

I can’t stop thinking of her.
My heart pounds with desire!
I close my eyes does she want forever?
I can set her soul on fire!

I am rising, rising, rising to the occasion.

Her skin is soft, eyes azul
I want to kiss her tender lips
She is the right princess to rule
I want to pull her in by her hips

I am attaching, falling, and rising. I want to love her!

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By Damien Knight

All day I have waited for you.
My fever burns, my chest tight
I just need comfort it’s true
And your words became my light.
You say you are not as clear as I.
Your love is plain to me.
I’m choked, feel as I could die
I complain when I feel sickly.
One day I won’t have to suffer alone
A hand strokes my hair with kindness.
Yes I’ll hold you for my own
And we will be together in bliss.

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Falling Again

By Damien Knight

Her name on my lips I sigh
How can I make her mine
Promises given and broken
All that pain left unspoken

Every day that I let pass
This chance could be the last
I am falling for her again
Why can’t we just be friends

I give my vow of devotion
As the moon does the ocean
Like the Prince to Odette
A vow I can’t forget

Dare I ask her back into me
When it was I who set her free
I can’t let go of her
I promised our love was forever

My Agenda

by Damien Knight

I want, a phrase I say
a sign of my desire,
longing to control.
My goals, set ever higher

push my purpose aside,
be what I am not.
Love isn’t about pride
but I can’t help be me.

My desire is her,
my agenda is passion,
my heart is in love,
truth cannot be held in.

Others try to sway me.
She pushes away
like the fleeing sea,
but I am here waiting.

Open arms, warm smile
eager to embrace her
be the one she relies
to be an anchor.

I have no other goal
my heart is for her.
The key to my soul
is her’s to hold.

My existence is love
to be with her alone.
My agenda is desire
this my fire is shown.

Shining Armour

By Damien Knight

A knight in shining armour
is a man who never been to war
I’m not a gonna ride in
on a pearly white horse

I am a warrior battered
my armour beaten, flesh bruised
but here I stand with my sword
to fight alongside you

I can’t save you, my lady
I also fight wars in my head
but I can love you, my princess
let’s fight this together instead

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I Love You

By Damien Knight

Every drug has a price babe.

Oh, I wonder what the cost?

But you know I’m in love babe,

Without you I’d be lost!

And I am a romantic,

They say that is true.

But this romance on display,

I write it for you.

And each night this old crow

Lays in his forlorn nest

Alone but not really

For you are my rest.

And when the light hits,

And the dawn breaks,

I find myself eager

To once again wake.

My dreams not so pretty

As the green of your eyes.

I glance at my phone

Before I even rise.

I feel so different now

My confidence a king’s attire

And you the queen of my heart

Set my being on fire

How many languages can I use

to express my devotion?

Love is a language all its own

and mine for you a vast ocean

Without the words proper

I say my lady, my heart

I love you

And wish us never to part

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