Confused Emotions (Nov 15 2012)

By Damien Knight

I feel deflated, all these feelings locked away
Sealed up inside, caged and isolated
I was ready, able to express what I had to say
I confronted my truths my emotions
I let it all out, and the days now pass
I feel deflated, perhaps I’ve made a mistake
I want to feel secure, forget the past
Should I give up I’m not that type
I’m not the kind who walks away
To break my word like love’s a lie
I said I’m going to be there for her
To just turn my back, takes a lot to break me
I have to try, the voices echo in my head
I should have listened when they say “leave”
It’s all I hear inside, it should be the past
Memories of bitterness and joy are strong
I must focus on her, my love, my light
It has been her, with me, all along
Everyday she’s with me, I value her
Her time means everything, her with me
I felt so ignored, everyday she’s there
When I call she answers, she has my loyalty
I love my lady with my heart and soul
Put my heart into making her smile
Her happiness it is my true goal
After all her smile is the thing I miss most

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Heart Sick

By Damien Knight

My heart is frayed fabric
I waited for love to stitch me
My soul is damaged, heart sick
I missed her so, it blinds me
What do I do confronted by fears
I don’t want to be alone
I desperately want her here
How my heart loves her
I know what I want to do
Is it the right thing?
I fight for love that is true
All I wanted was to be her king

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