Years of Change

Pics from 2011, 2014, and 2018! look how I’ve grown and changed. I will be starting back on testosterone this February. I am very excited. Wish me luck!

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Mirrors, cursed objects!
They lie! They reflect that lie.
I banish these deceptive mirrors!
I’m a man, I will not cry!
The face I see, it isn’t mine.
I claw my flesh in vain
Hoping to remove this unsightly mask.
The reflection driving me insane

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The Shadow’s Journey

By Damien Knight

Finding myself in the mirror of my past, am I free at last?

When she haunts my dreams can I ever be me?

Saturday, I spent my afternoon with my Step-mother and my Father at Chuck-E-Cheese. For the first time in ages I had a deep heart to heart with my Step-mom. For me, despite all I went through, this was the woman who raised me. She is my Mom so here on out I will refer to her as such.

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Throwback Thursday: Always Been a Boy

By Damien Knight

Being trans-male I often hear: “But you were such a pretty girl.” or “Why would you cut your pretty hair off.”

These people either misremember what I was growing up or only knew me during short periods of time when I suppressed my true identity. Today’s throwback Thursday is an Homage to my childhood and masculinity.


This one above is one of my favourites.

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My point is in all these pics I clearly see a teenage boy. I was never the little girl people thought I was.  If you want to assist in my transition please donate below:

The Shadow’s Journey

Dead Name

By Damien Knight  Is it so hard to say my name Why insist on getting it wrong Why make me burn with shame Instead of making me strong Does it make you feel big Like you can control me? Isn’t that just sick If you truly cared I’d be free Free to go by any name I want But instead people like you Prove the past can taunt Well im going to be true I won’t answer to a dead name You can’t control me And…

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