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Hello followers I am so glad you all have kept following. A big thanks to everyone this year.

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Follow Friday: Happy Holidays!

By Damien Knight

December moved fast and Social Saturday will once more not happen. Tomorrow the Lair Family will be visiting extended family. In the meantime you can look forward to Story Sunday where I post “The Year I got Cat Litter for Christmas”. Also here is a link to the Shadow Lair Children Unwrapping Christmas Gifts. Shadow Lair Christmas!
and Christmas Part 2. Thanks for following.

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Follow Fridays: OMG Long Time

By Damien Knight


No See!

Hey guys, It’s been a solid two weeks since I posted a new blog. I have not forgotten you! Finals week is next week and I been studying like a mad man. I have received the blog post from Aaron for Hawaii and will be posting next week. Also I am going to the Mojave and plan to be taking videos and blogging about the trip for Western Kentucky University. It will cost me $650 to take this study away trip through the school. If you wish to support the trip you can donate or if you wish to support the blog in general you can always Support us On Patreon.

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Alright on ward! I want to thank everyone for sticking with us and so for you.

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Follow Friday: Hey I Didn’t Forget!

Damien Knight

WOW this week zoomed by so quick. Alas my favourite Holidays are over. I hope everyone had a great Halloween. Let’s get started.


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Follow Friday: Social Media

Damien Knight

It’s Friday again and so once more it is Follow Friday where I thank my followers. I also want to let you all know that Aaron, our travel blogger, has been on trip in Hawaii and when he returns will have new posts for us. The kids also are working on new writing pieces.

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Follow Friday: Get Down To Business

To Defeat The HUNS!

Hi, Damien here and slowly we been returning to our previous schedule.  Today is follow Friday. Thanks for sticking with us.

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Follow Friday: Return to Regular Schedule…

hopefully next week. We have recently purchased a home and things have been upside down. Thanks for your patience. As usual today is Follow Friday, thanks everyone for sticking with us. Tomorrow is Social Saturday so questions in the comments and I will do my best to answer them tomorrow.

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