The Hydrology of 2017’s Hurricanes

Recently the North American Continent and Caribbean Islands was ravaged by a series of violent hurricanes. The hurricanes that hit the U.S. typically start off as severe storms on the west coast of Africa. As the storm hits the ocean, it will gather strength by feeding off the warmth and moisture of the ocean. Then, thanks to the Coriolis Effect, it gains rotation.

The Coriolis Effect is a phenomenon that causes fluids and air to curve over the earth’s surface. This occurs because the earth is rotating on its axis from west to east and it spins faster where the sphere bulges, the equator. As the hurricane spins an area of high pressure is created up top and low pressure on the bottom. The whole thing rotates around the eye of the storm.

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Social Saturday: Update Hurricane Irma


No questions were posted yesterday. Feel free to begin leaving questions for next Saturday.

As for hurricane Irma, Evacuation obviously no longer viable. I had heard that the state attempted to evacuate as many as possible and many more moved inland Florida. Now all we can do is hold our breath.

Either way if you are looking for updates on the storm here is a link: New York Times Live Updates Irma.