By Damien Knight

My Night was troubled
By blocked doors and fear
My soul needs cleansed again
Inside I’m festering away deaf

The bookcase, empty knowledge
Blocked the door I tried to reach
My pain, I cried out for her
My blossom, come to me I beseech

My finger, it oozed before my eyes
The pain, agony, I screamed
All that was left, the flesh and bone
How is such horror I dreamed

My hand injured, the door blocked
Why can’t it be there with her
I feel Anika, the elegant dragon
Always with me for I am sworn to her

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By Damien Knight

I feel it inside me, uneasy
Like the calm before the storm
So use to walking light
My soul remorse and forlorn
I have no need regret
Nor should I feel guilt
Yet I am filled with fear
I’m terrified it will wilt
Before our love true blooms
Comfort my soul, I plead
I want this, for it to be you
I need my heart freed
Are you my vision true
I pray darling it be so
I know I fallen for you
I fear you going too

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By Damien Knight


I love and I desire
But more I despise and hate
Hate is my bread and wine
And lust is my soul

I drank the blood and ate
I ate the flesh of other men
I feasted on them with relish
There my friend is no sin

No sin is my desire
And my desire is in death alone
And you desire to taste me
You do not exist on your own

Because I consume you
Your love and passion is for me
But I am whole either way
Yet you, beloved, are empty

Neither of us to be apart
If you can love the monster
Who will not love you
Then we, my darling, are one forever

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In Your Sorrow

By “Ayana Kanosis”

I watch as your soul slowly dies
I see that you are suffering
And all I can do is cry
The pain is so intense it stings
What can I do to comfort you?
How can I take the pain?
There seems nothing I can do
And it is driving me insane
What can I do to wake you
From your nightmarish hell?
No matter what I can’t break through
I cry, I scream, I yell
what must I do to melt the ice
that covers your hardened heart?
will just my words suffice
or must body and soul be ripped apart
I saw you falling fast
Seems you forgot how to fly
All due to the dead hand of the past
Let me save you I cry
As I catch you in my wings
Grab onto me I plead
For you truly mean everything
All I want is to fulfill your every need
Yet life is so unpredictable
I thought I saw you at my door
The dice are on the table
I wonder if you long for something more
And that is when I find that there is a chance
To get through to your cold hardened heart
Life is nothing more than a dance
In which from you I don’t wish to part