Chapter Seven: An Empty World (Draft)

“It was a vast burning field
where no flowers grew
blood covered the embers
where no bodies were strewn

Who could do this to a land
that committed no crime
a place that had peace
In a time before time”

Ayana describing

the devastation Arajuan

caused through out


That morning Ayana awoke with the sun peeking into her tent. With the darkness gone

the sun beamed the brightest she had ever seen. Only a slight trace of sulfur was on the wind much to her relief. She sat up, her stomach had a dull ache, but her legs healed except for scars on the back of them. Her shoulder where Arajuan gripped her had no wound at all. She had fallen asleep in her travel armor, so she did not need to dress. She left her tent, found Tarnink was already up and had prepared a fire.

Tarnink pulled out a pack of food and handed it to her. She tried to eat but her stomach felt numb. The food just sat and rotted.  She tossed the food away from her in frustration.

“Arajuan, that vile beast, he is trying to starve me to death,” she exclaimed.
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By Damien Knight

(Dedicated to a friend who is a friend no more.)

Sometimes we get caught
In our self-made illusions
And believe our nightly visions
To be real, our dreams cannot lie
We believe ourselves to be powerful
To have magic and knowledge
From places unknown
Yet when we awake we must leave It
The delusions, the fantasy behind
For when we wake we are human
Not guardians, dragons, or demons
Nor are we shadow knights or elves
Just human in every way
So hear me my friend, wake up
Wake up from the nightmare
From your shell-shocked state of loss
Realize your humanity, mortality
I no longer believe your story of power
I want my friend back the way he was before
I want my brother back, my best friend
His lies eaten him, his loss consumed him
No longer himself and the dark fantasy
Has consumed him forever it seems


By Damien Knight

Is wide awake dreaming
Is a crowded room alone
Is darkness light
Is lost never found

The oxymoron
Is this dead life
That I keep
Insisting upon

Black blood drips
Upon her delicate
Pale living flesh
And I slip

Into a realistic fantasy
As the death mixes
With her life
A pleasurable sea

But eventually I awake
And the oxymorons
Are all dried up
With my empty tears

Dreaming Child

By Damien Knight

As a child drifts to sleep
One wonders what she dreams
How one slumbers silent yet deep
She dreams of faraway things
It is there that the tale unfolds
In her own fantasy land
A story never before told
A place she may command

O the dreams of the young
So sweet are they it seems
Things that have yet to be sung
Are never what a grown-up dreams

The Dragon Soul

“Ayana Kanosis”

Fury swells my veins
And fire erases my pain
My form changes before me
My eyes! I can’t see!
Then my back stretches and pulls
Feeling like it’s been ripped by 1000 bulls
Unfurling out my delicate yet massive wings
I swear the pain is it a dream
My hands twist; my arms now clawed
My body feels as if I’m mauled
But then it’s done and I look down
No longer human I make no sound
I study myself inside the lake
What of this should I make
A dragon stands where I once stood
I wish that I understood
Then I realize that dragon is me
That my soul Is finally free
I let rip a burst of flame
Now my life can’t be the same

Kanosis’ Endless Sea

By Damien Knight

Panic darkness isolation
Nothing but lost infatuations
Drifting seas empty boats
Faceless man just a ghost
Of what I am to be
Blindly drifting this empty sea
Voiceless hopeless waiting for her
Living dead murderer
Trying waiting dying motion
Swaying changing notions
Life death left right
Losing my endless fight
Against myself inside my head
Giving up I’ve been read
She knows but hides
I also know but I lied


By “Ayana Kanosis”

I want You
I need you
Stop trying to run from me
I wish you
I dream you
Why do you hide from me
My shadow
My savior
You know it does not pay to fight
The feelings
The heartache
You are not as dead as night
You’re thinking
You’re dreaming
Look I am right beside you
I’m screaming
And crying
As the blade charges at me
My hands
My feet
They don’t want to move
You see me
You feel pain
You come in front of me
The horror
The shock
As the blades run through you
Then mist
And shadows
Overtake me and wrap around me
The shadow
The mist
It’s you protecting me
Don’t hide
Don’t run
I need you here with me
I know
I see
How scared you really are
But I love
And I need
For you to see me here