How Did the Dinosaurs Die?

Written By Damien Knight

Nov. 2010

When I was young, I had watched Walt Disney’s Fantasia. In the film, there was a scene where all the dinosaurs died out in a dramatic drought. This scene fascinated me. Was this how the dinosaurs died? Did the climate change so drastically that a massive drought followed killing them all off? As a child, I was willing to believe anything I was told. As an adult, I know now to question things in a more scientific manner. We must examine every theory and test every hypothesis until we are certain of the facts.

Paleontologists have been studying the “Great Extinction” since 1980. Several hypotheses abound, climate change, geological changes, and asteroids were all blamed for the mass extinction of dinosaurs. More outrageous hypothesis, such as mass sickness or dying of allergies were also presented. Were any of these the reason why dinosaurs went extinct?

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