By Damien Knight

The warrior wakes surrounded by dead
Mind spinning, ghosts in my head
Blood spills like wine out of me
Here I die my soul set free
No more bloodshed, no more war
I shan’t drink sorrow anymore


By Damien Knight

I don’t want to let go
I don’t want this world to know
What I feel or what i think
I am cold heartless on the brink
Of destroying myself
I put life up on the shelf
I am shadow shadow gone
But life does carry on
With out dream’s reality
And blind might we see


By Damien Knight

Obsession anger and violence
There is no sound like silence
No curse worse than what I am
No one knows or understands
Empty bare surroundings
The echos resounding
And it becomes unbearable
The nightmare more terrible
Than any other dream
And I hear the voices scream
Inside my hollow mind
No peace shall I find
For I have no dying day
Forever I am this way

Win or Die

Written by,

Damien Knight

Look at me.
Look what I’ve done.
I have lost.
I never won.

What shall I do?
What shall I try?
Shall I win?
Shall I die?

Only the heavens know
The truth of who I am and why.
And I shall win
And never die.

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