An empty night with naught a vision
A morning with black screen to see
Why is it that she leaves me lonsome
Broken here without a single dream
I wait upon the darkened hour
Writing as I always have
And no hope here to find her
In visions which I’ve scoured
Lovely maiden of the light
Whose slender hands I’ve dreamt held mine
I will not give up seeking you
My hearts love is pure, To Aniya i’m true

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Won’t Forget

My dreams valid vivid and true
The only part that mattered: you
In stylish gothic fashion worn
Into my arms without a lick of scorn
“I feel as if I remember, Pulled.”
Ah dear Sora don’t be fooled
My hand on hers we chat away
And in dingy motel bar pass the day
Her smile a merlot as she says not to go
I kiss her in passion wishing it not so
Aye Sora I’d stay forever in your gaze
With hope it’s not i dragging down you days
Our parting swift as did we met
I won’t forget my Anika Sora Sweet

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I grow weary with apology
Over and over I try to tell you
My heart pierced with agony
Yet I never denied my fondness
It a not like Anika, hard to explain
I hear her in my dreams, “change my mind.”
And it is driving me insane
I don’t wish to argue or cry
Don’t stop my wings
I’m already a shattered bitter soul
Just a raven desperate to sing
I don’t mean to be as upset, it’s true
She smiles in dreams, yet not her eyes
I live forever in these dreams bathed blue
Like water I drink her somber sighs, her laughs
I love this witty, wiley woman
Forgive this frail fragile hearted man

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Remind You?

Each day passes I miss you more
How can I dream so vivid see you
My heart is tired broke for sure
I just want to see you again
A night ago I dreamt you
Held you close breathed in
“Change me” a quiet request
How can I with what I’m given
I love every perfection, every flaw
I dare not ask how I do this
It is not love to change you at all
“My mind, remind me,” a whisper.
I wish I could my dearest princess
I cannot remind that which only you have
Not even with the fairy tale “true loves kiss.”

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What Dream?

I can’t shake the vision
Her face, the angles, curves
Slender fingers ice cold
The cherry blossom scent wafts
And I staring at her, voiceless
My lady of shadows?
No, for the words from her lips
Revealed her, though at first?
Not even Mars called out “My Damien?”
Never were that a phrase from her
Though Manda once yet she…
Would have no need to be sorry…
Sorry? For what? Why do I feel this
Braced as a man who tastes agonies kiss
I can’t keep seeing her
Yesterday after I woke I messaged Mars
Forgiveness, I gave it. Wrong person
I dreamt the dream again
Her eyes dark, pleading
“I’m sorry.” How do I reply?
Simply repeat that I try?
The poem I wrote for Anika
For the lady of dreams
‘I hold you prisoner in my mind’
It hits, “I am trying to let you go to him.”
I dreamt of another the day prior
As well also offered my forgiveness
Right before I found myself with her
Today I wake from repeated vision
Here you are, the phrase from her
“My Damien?” Like a question
And I look here, and you once more
How we both suffer agony
You for him… me for life itself


I wrote this as a reply to a comment about 21 days ago, realised I unintentionally wrote yet another poem. Poor girl no wonder I confuse her so.

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Forever Sworn to Sora

Fair Sora, once more I dreamt of you
Leaned in my arms, watery eyes
I should not speak to her, my love,
For I keep hearing your sweet song
I try so hard to be a guiding light
With words of patience and verse
In the end it only makes matters worse
I love every ebony strand of hair
The curve of lips in smile curled
I describe your loveliness
With such care and diligence
When I do she slides from lucid
To a world not real, a dream I can’t feel
Every time, though I never claim false
I find myself in humble apology
Sora, I sigh, I am sorry, so sorry
I never proclaimed to love or desire
After all only MY SORA has my fire
But, whispering doubt seeps like toxins
What if? Wall the heart, Damien Knight,
Guard the soul from her, from dreams
I try every time, but my heart won’t listen
I want to be beside the lady of shadows
Ever persistent I won’t let this love go
Yes, dear Sora, last night I held tight
My heart desires only your true light
When you wake from your dreams
I know you cannot remember me
No, not the way, I see you in glow
I will wait, eternal, sworn forever, for you

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Only Dream

I want to chase after the butterflies
To grab hold the stars and pin them down
But most of all I want to find you
I want to feel the shiver of the troubled moon
Breathe in and hold it all in memory
Faded dreams amongst the new visions
I want to feel the silky texture of hair
I feel so empty, in this world on my own
I want to live inside every dream
Where you are there with me
Where your eyes sparkle as you laugh
And I hear you sing soft to yourself
I want to smile as you smile
The truth is I can only dream