Chapter Seven: An Empty World (Draft)

“It was a vast burning field
where no flowers grew
blood covered the embers
where no bodies were strewn

Who could do this to a land
that committed no crime
a place that had peace
In a time before time”

Ayana describing

the devastation Arajuan

caused through out


That morning Ayana awoke with the sun peeking into her tent. With the darkness gone

the sun beamed the brightest she had ever seen. Only a slight trace of sulfur was on the wind much to her relief. She sat up, her stomach had a dull ache, but her legs healed except for scars on the back of them. Her shoulder where Arajuan gripped her had no wound at all. She had fallen asleep in her travel armor, so she did not need to dress. She left her tent, found Tarnink was already up and had prepared a fire.

Tarnink pulled out a pack of food and handed it to her. She tried to eat but her stomach felt numb. The food just sat and rotted.  She tossed the food away from her in frustration.

“Arajuan, that vile beast, he is trying to starve me to death,” she exclaimed.
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The Dragon Soul

“Ayana Kanosis”

Fury swells my veins
And fire erases my pain
My form changes before me
My eyes! I can’t see!
Then my back stretches and pulls
Feeling like it’s been ripped by 1000 bulls
Unfurling out my delicate yet massive wings
I swear the pain is it a dream
My hands twist; my arms now clawed
My body feels as if I’m mauled
But then it’s done and I look down
No longer human I make no sound
I study myself inside the lake
What of this should I make
A dragon stands where I once stood
I wish that I understood
Then I realize that dragon is me
That my soul Is finally free
I let rip a burst of flame
Now my life can’t be the same

Dilong of the Earth : Aldaria Snippet

By Damien Knight

Some dragons are wind, some are water, some are fire, but me I’m Earth. I breathe life. I am all that shines and grows green in the sun. Let the vines rise, the flowers bloom and the trees grow tall and thick. I am the ancient Dilong that oversees all. Amongst the council none can say they themselves were born of Gaia the divine. When the first dragons came to be we were born of gods. Let us remember we and them are the same and let there be peace.

Chapter Three: Hope for a Race revised

“O to see a dragon birth.
To travel to one’s dark lair
Deep within the earth
Pray the Dragon spares thee”
Quoted by Arajuan to his men
warning them the danger
of hunting dragons.

Deep in a massive shadowy cave, the smoky black egg was preparing to hatch. The father, Rork crouched down blowing flames on it to hasten its incubation. His vast scorched wings tucked behind him, his neck stretched forward toward it. He focused his entire energy on hatching the egg.

To the left side of Rork sat a smaller female curled up in her nest of straw and rocks. The

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Aldaria Chronicles: Hope for an Era: Chapter Two A Fight and a Choice (revised)

Written By Damien Knight

“Protect her with
your lives. Guard
this offspring
of the Moon.
She is my light and
I will be in her shadow.”
–Arajuan’s command.

The march had taken over a month where before the surroundings had been snow-covered, now patches of flowers peaked from the ground. The capital was to the north-west of Lenagard, the land of the elves. A trail of destruction lay behind them. They had avoided the cities, but the forests were soaked in blood rain that mixed with the melting winter snow. The icy wet drips fell off the trees and clawed down Arajuan’s back causing him to shudder from the cold. The unit was close now; a stench of dragons wafted on the wind. Arajuan was one of the
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Dreams of Ayana: An old Blog post Revised

Written By Damien Knight

(This blog post was written and poste previously on an old blog 5 years ago.)

I dream of a place where I am dead. Not truly dead but appearing undead. There like here I suffer a chronic ailment except this ailment there is death itself. It is rot. I have a healer who tends me. She is m’lady, my queen, I call her Ni, princess of the elves, she is queen. I serve her no matter her title I may be her king but I was her warrior, her knight first. She is my healer; she knows my past.

In this dream world, I don’t even remember a lot of my past. She does. There I am two beings merged into one body. I, Arajuan, the elder being do not remember the events that sealed me into my soul crystal nor do I know the events that caused the merging of the crystal to Koraki’s body. (at the time of writing this 5 years ago this was true) The Death-Knight became my carrier and he and I act as one in almost all things.

M’lady does not appear in dreams anymore but one of the last ones she was in she revealed a hidden truth. I thought I was seeing through the eyes of a daemon, a creature part mortal part godlike helper created to assist the mortal beings of Aldaria. This being had forgotten who he was or why he was locked away.

That night as I dreamt I encountered a black dragon who challenged me saying

“Face me white darkness.”

I was confused, he used the ancient dragon tongue instead of modern draconic. I could understand it. Ni touched me and I changed. I was this massive creature, a dragon, an Asian Lung with white feather like hair all over, clawed hands bird like. I felt this rage the black dragon was saying something to her. I wasn’t sure what he was saying. I felt he was a threat to her and while she was still in her elf form I violently threw her from me and out of the way. I opened my mouth and the consume magic is used as a hand spell in other forms was my breath weapon. I had stolen his soul.

I asked Ni why I was a dragon; how it was possible. Her answer was that she had read an ancient history in her library stating that the divines took DNA from many beings that had come about including the first great dragon, the first Eternal Lung. They formed the being in a lab and placed him in an egg sac. He had no name and when he was born he emerged from his sac fully formed. Not a dragon but a demon like being, but the creature carried a full dragon type DNA, modified, yes but dragon. So the creature was a genetically engineered dragon, and she assumed this dragon was Arajuan. Seems she was right.

(further dreams have since revealed that her reading wasn’t entirely without propaganda. After the dark Eternal’s death, he was stigmatized as a monster. This blog post is to reveal where I have pulled my stories and characters from for the Aldaria series as it is in old dream journal I wrote.)

That came to my thoughts. Who am I, what was my purpose? Why would they create me from the Eternal? Was I the Yang to his Yin? The Dark to his Light, Evil to his Good? What was the purpose? I thought of that last night I mean the purpose of “Arajuan” why can’t they be one solid person? What is the need for the dark side of him? Why does she love the dark side so much, so cold foreboding, mysterious and unfeeling except for anger?

Eventually I will learn who he is, and perhaps who I am. Her hand is the healing hand, her words command me and I am her knight. I will rest my head in her arms. I will not fear for she is my strength. She is the queen of my heart. And I will dream again.

Lady Aldra’s Love – An Aldaria Journal

By Damien Knight

I watched him die before me. Not a physical death but a spiritual one. My hand maiden, Mika Tsuki stole my beloved Kyrazosanz’s heart. But Iova tried to steal his soul. I was terrified. He’d killed thousands. It wasn’t that he meant, no the magic he swallowed to protect our world was bursting from him. His beautiful silver feathers ruffled with every blast.

“Run I can’t control it anymore! Run Aldra!”

I could see Mika sobbing, in Kyrazosanz mirror, by a nest of destroyed eggs. Could he have done such a monstrous thing? Killed his own offspring?

“Did you destroy your children to cover your infidelity?” I screamed.
My heart burned with betrayal. My eyes wept with sorrow. I had no time to process the pain as Kyra’s cry echoed.

“Aldra run! Or you’re next I can’t.”

I hadn’t grasped what was going on but I saw the tears in his eyes as he transformed against his will. Instead of a winged man the dragon was now before me. In a raged pain, he growled.

Mika cried out, no longer an image in the mirror my hand maiden, the treacherous snake, was grabbing my arm.

“Run! He swallowed the magic ravaging the land. He’ll kill us. Its controlling him.”

I pushed my former best friend away. She may have thought she loved him but I knew I did and I ran toward my beloved throwing my arms around him grasping his feathers.

“Change back! Change back, please let me take this. Please, I love you!”

//Let go, seal me in here and run!//

He changed back and embraced me.

“Let go! Stop wasting your magic. Please, you need to live.”

“Let me take the consumption from you!”

And as I tried he cried out for me to stop. My body began absorbing the magic and bursting back out from me. The pain was intense and then it all went black. I had died so why could I still think. Kyrazosanz I love you, I’m waiting and I’ll wait a thousand years if I have to.


I can’t believe despite my disloyalty she tried to save me. Now the only love I had is taken! I held her body and rendered a piece of my soul crystal to give to her. It was this act that started the tradition between male dragons giving a small piece of their soul stone to their potential mates. But I wasn’t starting a tradition I was saving her. Her body could be repaired, but I was wrong the damage was too extensive. The crystal simply copied her memories and DNA, her soul, and carried her inside it.

I then gave it to my mistress telling her to run before she met my wife’s fate. I was losing control again! Mika fled without even looking back. Her love was not as strong as she use to claim, I knew she wouldn’t die for me. I counted on it, for Aldra’s sake.

I flew off into the tundra where my brother confronted me. I no longer knew who I was, only the rage. It was there that I died fighting not knowing my own name.

Aldra, I love you and I wait.  I’ll wait a thousand years if I must just to be with you again.