By Damien Knight

The machinations of fate
They do not function as you will
You can choose to fight it
Run if you desire and thats fine
Me, I say once more I know mine
I saw the dreams, the visions
Her eyes emerald and cinemon
Only I determine who “My Sora” is
Not even she would know until
Until she were in my arms
But Aniya, I am sure is not here
Not in this world at all
A figment who just happens to be vague
Yes vague enough that I might find
One who matches her descriptors
I dreamt a child killed my friend
She did so and then died later
I mused on the sadness of fate
Is that how I feel now
That I someway somehow
Watched some niave kill my dreams
Like a young child accidently
Slaying an old friend?
I am empty and that is fate
I will find my hearts desire
That is me fighting destiny

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