Monday Motivation: Character

By Damien Knight


When we think of motivation, we talk a lot about light, moving into the light, seeking light, pursuing it. Light is always the goal. We then view struggle as our enemy and emotions as weapons against us. Pain, suffering, depression, we become swallowed in our cycle of pity and anguish and only light can save us. This, this then leads us to struggling to find light, light of course being happiness, prosperity and normalcy. We fight darkness, but is it our enemy?

I was evicted back in March 2017; the land-lord had tried several times to evict me for various claims and I finally stopped fighting her. I won’t claim I embraced despair. No one does but at this same time I had watched The Secret and I desperately wanted to believe in the power of attraction. I had put out to the universe that I wanted a house; I knew I had a lease I couldn’t break and, yet the universe found a way for me to break my lease.

So far, no darkness, but then I was unable to find a place, and I ended up essentially squatting in a house that had a bad roof and no floors in the kitchen. I loved the house itself and part of me wanted to buy it, but it wasn’t feasible. After just a month a familiar friend appeared. Depression, loneliness, despair. I have experienced many dark times in my past but this recent one I feel is where I mastered not fighting the darkness of agony.


I have suffered many “Character Building” events. Truly to pursue the light one must stop fighting darkness and use it to build your character. Side note if you suffer clinical illness do not take my words to mean you should stop medicines. Please remember that medicine is a tool to keep us going just as much as any other means of motivation and for some it is what keeps us alive. STAY MOTIVATED!




Lost Dream

By Damien Knight

Deep down I wallow in despair
The world passes without care
As I sacrifice dream for dream
My life isn’t what it seems

I forget to stop and look around
Lost in a life with no sound
Not even a moment of belief
Not a second of relief

Alas I lost out in all my dreams
For the sake of my lovers fantasies
Now I wait so empty and alone
Never achieving a dream of my own

Motivation Monday: An Act of Courage

By Damien Knight


As you all know, I have moved into a new house. What you might not know is I suffer from chronic illness. This weekend I posted a poem titled Invisible which captured how I felt dealing with having to unpack an entire house with just me and two kids. I am exhausted, stressed and in constant pain. I know I shouldn’t complain about it but isn’t human?

Absolutely! And not only is it natural and human to complain it is human to want compassion. I have arthritis, Hashimoto’s, Asthma, epilepsy, GERD, and depression brought on by the fact I have had no medication since December due to insurance issues. It gets frustrating just trying to get out of bed. With a thyroid disorder sleepiness is more than just a symptom. It is a way of life. I have trouble sleeping at night and keeping my eyes open in the day. I live on coffee.

In fact, I bet most of you also live on coffee and you don’t even suffer a thyroid problem, right? Or maybe you do. The point is many of us struggle with just getting out of bed. I slept a lot as a kid, the depression so heavy sleep was better than living. Today’s Motivation “Every Day begins with an act of courage.” So true. For me just getting up means the depression, the chronic pain, and Hashimoto’s does not beat me. My illness will not define me, hardships do not have to define us. Be proud today you got out of bed.


By Damien Knight
I drank the poison, gulped it down

You wouldn’t have cared at all

I drank with sorrow to drown

Cuts on my wrists, carved by hypocrites 

Liers the lot of you with false care

I’ll do what I want, what I must 

You told me life wasnt fair

So I’ll murder life and bathe in death

Once the light fades from my eyes

Would you then weep for me

No I doubt it for you were filled with lies

And in the end at least I’m free

An Expression Of Misery

By Damien Knight

He loved her smile
She frowned so much
He tried to make her laugh
She’d only sigh

He knew she was ‘broken’
That she could not feel joy
He stayed by her side
even when she begged

“Find someone happy
someone who laughs.”
He stayed knowing, understanding
She wasn’t just going to smile

“A depression is no reason
to leave my beloved.”
A smile, maybe she didn’t
need saved at all

still at least misery
did not need to be alone


By : Damien Knight
I have drifted
Slowly for so long
On my pain
That I have forgotten
Even how to write
Poetry anymore

I have suffered
Miserably that
I have forgotten
How to feel joy
The warmth
Of love

Toss the anchor
Into the stormy
Seas of pain
Cast with your hands
The sails
Tied up

Redirect the
Ship for
Rainbow skies
And cease drifting
On unpoetic
Oceans of sorrow

Pick up the pen
That is your helm
And stear your ship
Direct the rudder
To push sorrow behind
And reach for love

Write the words
And take moor
Secure it to
The dock of
And regain security

I Stopped drifting
And began writing
And once again
Picked up the pen
To continue my rhymes
And observations