Chapter Two: A Fight and a Choice Final Draft

“Protect her with

your lives. Guard

this offspring

of the Moon.

She is my light and

I will be in her shadow.”

–Arajuan’s command.

The march was a three-month journey, a winter season. Early on the surroundings had been snow-covered. Now patches of flowers peaked from the ground. The capital was to the north-west of Lenagard, the land of the elves. A trail of destruction lay behind them. They had avoided the cities, but the forests were soaked in blood rain mixed with melted winter snow. The icy wet drips fell off the trees and clawed down Arajuan’s back. He shuddered from the cold. The unit was close now; a stench of dragons wafted on the wind. Arajuan was one of the few who could distinguish dragon blood, that made him invaluable to the emperor.

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Deaths Door

By Damien Knight

All around me I see
Decaying forms wretched bodies
Of things vile walking toward, me
Creatures of darkness
From the depths of night
Things that belong to Death himself
They have come for me
To take me with them
I scream freighted
Knowing my doom comes
And I am at its door
Knocking unwillingly

A Deep Grief

By Damien Knight 

I have a large family and so dont keep in touch with everyone like I’d like. Last week my dad surprised me with a text, my youngest Cousin had just lost his son. Devestating, my Cousin Jake was one of few people who accepted me right away when I came out.  He’s a cool kid and it deeply saddens me to know he and Heather lost their baby. Anyway they need help raising money for funeral expenses. If any one wants to help here is their page. For Cayson thanks.


By Damien Knight
I drank the poison, gulped it down

You wouldn’t have cared at all

I drank with sorrow to drown

Cuts on my wrists, carved by hypocrites 

Liers the lot of you with false care

I’ll do what I want, what I must 

You told me life wasnt fair

So I’ll murder life and bathe in death

Once the light fades from my eyes

Would you then weep for me

No I doubt it for you were filled with lies

And in the end at least I’m free

One Life

By Damien Knight

As I bring new life
In to this world
I watch as my friend’s life fades
My little one’s tiny hands
Grab mine to remind me
That this is the way
That it is a cycle
God gives and God takes
But what is It
When a man takes his own
And yet I must not mourn
But rejoice in the gift
My goddess gave


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