Kitten Update

Toasty Squeaks passed away. It was the runt of the litter and last kitten born. The other kitten, Apollo isn’t nursing enough so now gettimg supplement fed. Toasty also wasn’t feeding enough, we fed him last night by bottle. He was found in a corner away from mom, cold this morning. I only got 2 hours sleep, nursing kitties feed every 2 hours. I am very sad.

The birth of Toasty

The Adventures of Spectre

My grey Spectre explores the trees.


You can barely see him! He blends so well.


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The Lost Cat

By Damien KnightΒ 
Yesterday we got to Kentucky. I learned my cat Ankh was hit by a car, my rabbit, butters, died and Spectre had been MIA since June. I bawled my eyes out.

Β Spectre was born in August 2014 and opened his eyes in my hands. To lose him was like I lost a child.Β 

Today, I had the most roller coaster emotional thing happen. I found my Spectre. The thing is we found him in a city 2 hours away from where he was lost in a pet store adoption center.

I picked him up and noticed that he had all the exact markings of my lost cat. Β I called his name to him and he responded. The tears of relief that came, my cat is alive. So we adopted “St. Nick” as they called him and noticed his vet records and arrival records matched the time my cat disappeared. I may have still lost 2 pets but at least I have Spectre.Β 

Nyanpire- Fan Art

As my daughter stated easily : “OMG! This is too cute! I have to look away! It’s too cute for me!”
And since this is my adorable daughter:



My Super Cute Daughter!

You know that if it’s too cute for this little girl it’s got to be cute. Nyanpire is an anime about a Vampire Cat. When I did the piece I had yet to see the anime, but heck why not, it had all the things I loved, cats, Vampires, and strawberries.




Like all my pieces I started by painting a pink background. I then sketched and outlined the black areas. NYAN!




Oh look at him so happy right? I painted Nyanpire kitty filling his fur with a grey color.



And Finished!

I painted in the details and the result, a kitty so cute I could melt. Hope you all like.