Speaking Up: A Childhood Tale of Bullies and Love

By Damien Knight

When I was 10 I was best friends with a girl I will simply call Sailor Mars. Sailor Mars was this cute epileptic girl with nerdy pink glasses. When I met her she took my arm and said “You’ll be my best friend.”

I was in a new country I needed a friend. Well Mars was a regular target of school bullies. I had just came from a school where I was the target and knew how awful that was. The first time I witnessed it with her it was 2 boys known for being trouble makers. They spat on their pizza and offered it to her.

It was such a cruel thing to do. Sailor Mars would have ate it if I hadn’t spoke up. Apparently this was a common game for them and I ended up in a few scuffles over her. I was always careful about these though because I wanted to avoid the principals office.

Mars was on of my few friends that year. She was my first girlfriend. It hurts that I can’t even talk to her anymore.Anyway thats the story of the first time I stood up for someone else being bullied.

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Protector’s Wrath

By Damien Knight


Memories burnt into my mind

Laughter, cruel children

Who have not seen rage

A wrath like mine

They laugh at her pointing

They laughed at me

I cared not for it

But her, I wouldn’t see

All around, they were unaware

The sleeping beast’s wrath is still there

And those who harm my princess

Had better beware

As children we all feel helpless

Why now as adults do some still feel

Like we have no control

Life is a dream surreal