Crystal Dreams

by Damien Knight

Who was the girl in my dreams?
She was new.
Blonde hair, eyes light blue.
Who was she that I did see?
She didn’t resist,
I went for the kiss.
What kind of dream is this?
Was it you, my Ellewyn?
A ghost in my pale blue house?
Sat on my bed, lipstick in hand,
Eyes on me pierced, a command.
Those crystal orbs like the sky.
Won’t shake my words,
“I love your company,
Stay with me.”
Arms around you we kiss,
That is the love I miss.
I sit crying at the memory.
You closed the door,
And were lost to me.
I will love you forever,
My tears like streams.
I can’t forget our shattered dreams

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By Damien Knight

Will you even try…
I need to know the reasons why?
Here I am in pieces.
I need to release this.
Won’t you tell me true?
Did I ever mean shit to you?
I’m always second best,
When I put your love to test.
What did you want me to do?
Stay lonely just for you?

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Best Friends

By Damien Knight

I know you can see me.
Hope you see me in every face.
Think your being kind by giving space.
And sure I asked for it baby…
But in the end
I just want to talk to you.
Gonna be chill like your best friend
We were that once ain’t it true?
Don’t be mad darling
That you can’t do what my lover do.
After all we both know she ain’t you.
No one can take your place.
After all I promised I would stay
And I’m down for the ride until the end.
Cuz girl you always were my best friend.

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Broken Man

By Damien Knight

Inside I claw at the walls
of the cage I built by hand
My skin crawls the images
Of this old broken man

All I ever wanted was love
to give my heart away
all I wanted was to be there
I wanted her to stay

I ache to let her near me
and try so hard to get close
thought this was a soul mate
not another almost

Swallowing my pride
I have to let it go
cuz time, space, and distance
has no room for love to grow

This ice cold heart
is locked back in its vault
If any is to blame
this is all my fault

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