Broken Man

By Damien Knight

Inside I claw at the walls
of the cage I built by hand
My skin crawls the images
Of this old broken man

All I ever wanted was love
to give my heart away
all I wanted was to be there
I wanted her to stay

I ache to let her near me
and try so hard to get close
thought this was a soul mate
not another almost

Swallowing my pride
I have to let it go
cuz time, space, and distance
has no room for love to grow

This ice cold heart
is locked back in its vault
If any is to blame
this is all my fault

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I Held Her

By Damien Knight

I held her

For a moment

The smell of her

Long dark hair

I gazed upon her

For a while

Holding to her

Bright green eyes

I touched her

In an instant

Feeling her

Soft brown skin

I drifted

For an eternity

In her arms

Only to wake

To wake and find

That once again

I was dreaming

And she is not real