School Started Last Week

Written by Damien Knight
on 6/14/12
So last week the summer semester started. I had taken spring semester as a break from classes, so I was a bit rusty. So much so I forgot the semester started last week and not this week. Oops, my bad. Anyway, been catching up as much as I can. Philosophy class is awesome but Spanish sucks big time.

Why does Spanish suck? Well, it’s just not challenging enough. I am a week late, yet I did a whole week of class work in one day. I mean really it shouldn’t be so easy. I been told to just go with it.

I can’t wait till fall classes. I will take classes concerning my major in the fall. I am a Biology Major at a community college. I absolutely love doing biology but to be honest I can’t wait till I graduate and move to a university that way I can do what I love: Geology.

I have always wanted to be a Palaeontologist and I am hoping a Geology Major with a Biology Minor will get me closer.

Anyway, I hope to write many awesome things in this blog about various topics for now.

Update Note: I wrote this in a blog I originally had on blogger. It was called Into the Shadow’s View. I forgot I even had a Blogger. It now is a new extension of this blog called “The Shade of Writing on Blogger”. I doubt I will post stuff there often but it makes it easier I think for me to comment on blogs ran on Blogger.

As for this post I am now at University studying Geology. I ended up dropping my minor. It was better just to focus on my major. With that I would like to remind everyone that this semester I have a research trip to the Mojave. If you wish to help fund that please click the donate button for it below. Thanks.

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Flash Update: Test Week

By Damien Knight


Hi everyone, hope your week has gone well. You may have noticed that Motivation Monday- Follow Friday Blog posts have not been posted at all this week. I apologize, as a senior level college student I am very busy and this week is and next is testing. Please be patient we will keep posting poems.


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By Damien Knight


I have planned a schedule of posts to ensure I have one post from me for every day of the week. Starting with :

Selfie Sunday: We will post selfies.

Motivation Monday: Inspirational posts. Yay!

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Well, that’s that.


Life Update: Georgia

By Damien Knight

Written Mar 21 2017

I have temporarily moved to Georgia. I have acquired a new laptop. My family is all back together and we are attempting to buy a different house. I will return to Kentucky and the new house when school starts. I am very excited. I shall hopefully return to our normal schedule of poetry and fantasy stories but I also will be posting photography and travel writing’s my spouse has written. Keep your eyes open.

House Update

By Damien Knight 

They say early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. For me it seems to only make me tired. Well the good news our offer on a house was accepted. It’s not a farm house but it has enough room for a garden and a workshed. We are very excited

The Lost Cat

By Damien Knight 
Yesterday we got to Kentucky. I learned my cat Ankh was hit by a car, my rabbit, butters, died and Spectre had been MIA since June. I bawled my eyes out.

 Spectre was born in August 2014 and opened his eyes in my hands. To lose him was like I lost a child. 

Today, I had the most roller coaster emotional thing happen. I found my Spectre. The thing is we found him in a city 2 hours away from where he was lost in a pet store adoption center.

I picked him up and noticed that he had all the exact markings of my lost cat.  I called his name to him and he responded. The tears of relief that came, my cat is alive. So we adoptes “St. Nick” as they called him and noticed his vet records and arrival records matched the time my cat disappeared. I may have still lost 2 pets but at least I have Spectre.