Hate My Love

by Damien Knight

Don’t love me, don’t stay, hate me
Hate me for my fickle heart
Hate I care to the point I fall apart
Don’t dare like matter or worry over me
Despise my belief in visions & dreams
Hate my poetry for pulling your strings
Show no pity for the shadow king
Scorn me, false flower, and leave strong
Go before I love, before I commit a wrong
My, our fate’ s in our hands I am sure
So go, hate my love, before you’re hurt

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For Ann, I’m Sorry

By Damien Knight

I try to shake the memory
How you filled my every dream
Honey eyes, small curved face
You are one I can’t replace
I miss the bell of your laugh
My obsessions made me daft
And I lost you along the way
Darling I wouldn’t make you stay
I know that my dear Ann
My poetry won’t make me your man
My sonnets and my lines
Won’t turn back the hands of time
I just wish to say true
I am sorry I hurt you

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