Koraki Dreams: The Girl in the Fire Place

By Damien Knight

I will preface this by stating that this was a dream I had. It is obviously a warped version of the Doctor Who episode “The Girl in the Fire Place.” During the dream it took me a bit to realise this.

Koraki stood at the top of the stairs of a Victorian ballroom. The ballroom walls were lined with mirrors where he felt certain Victorian art ought to be. He, himself, was dressed in a fine suit with a tie.

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By Damien Knight

My dearest how I ache
Each waking moment
I fear my mistakes
That I can’t own this
Feeling inside me
Panic, yes you told me
To calm my anxiety
But it has raged like the sea

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Understanding Anxiety

By Damien Knight

I have anxiety. When I was growing up, I would walk to school while all my siblings rode the bus. Why I was too scared of the loud noises and kids. When I transferred to high school and couldn’t walk anymore my anxiety qualified me for the special bus. I have and have had panic attacks. I’ve gotten better but I still get anxious making phone calls or asking people. When you tell me “Just do it.” I can’t. I think things like “Why can’t I do this I am so stupid.” “Why did I do that?” and “Why didn’t I do that?” Most of all I hear in my head “What if they yell at me. I’m not important enough to help. They’ll just ignore me. I’m so stupid” and I freeze. Anxiety is a battle with yourself.