Anime Thoughts: Inuyasha Character

-Damien Knight

When we talk about Sesshomaru’s underling Jaken, his name means cruel.  Jaken is lord Sesshomaru’s vassal and is very reliable and in that sense his name is being simply meaning evil or cruel does not make sense.

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Little Anime Cera

By Damien Knight

I created this painting for my daughter Cera. It now hangs on her bedroom wall in a beautiful frame. It is a portrait of her as a little anime girl. My only regret is forgetting to freckle her.


Nyanpire- Fan Art

As my daughter stated easily : “OMG! This is too cute! I have to look away! It’s too cute for me!”
And since this is my adorable daughter:



My Super Cute Daughter!

You know that if it’s too cute for this little girl it’s got to be cute. Nyanpire is an anime about a Vampire Cat. When I did the piece I had yet to see the anime, but heck why not, it had all the things I loved, cats, Vampires, and strawberries.




Like all my pieces I started by painting a pink background. I then sketched and outlined the black areas. NYAN!




Oh look at him so happy right? I painted Nyanpire kitty filling his fur with a grey color.



And Finished!

I painted in the details and the result, a kitty so cute I could melt. Hope you all like.