Last breath

Bitter broken fallen glass
Shattered souls that cannot last
Melting away in the everwarming world
Cannot stand to breath the fire
The mist pierce the lungs
As bitter broken fallen glass

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That is How I Love

By Damien Knight

I love with a burning fire
It sears through my soul
My heart is a hearth
Where those I love gather
My fire warms them
That is how I love

My love is the breath of air
It is a the fragrance
Cherry blossom on the wind
Carried to all the world
Covering them in adoration
That is how I love

I love as a flow of water
Steam through bends and curves
A life force for my lovers
They the vessel give me shape
My passion being fluid
That is how I love

Like the earth I am steadfast
Slow changing I love for ages
I loved you 10 years ago, I still do
The cracks in my emotions
Earthquakes just bring character
That is how I love

I love with divine spirit
My passion is powerful
Fueled by water’s life, air’s breath
Fire’s warmth, Earth’s embrace
My love is the life in me
That is how I love

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