Live Life

By Damien Knight

I live my life filled with adventure
Rock climbing, travel, and surf
What does it matter, I dont have her?
I long to climb cliffs, her with me
To show her the falls of the Ohio,
To sit in theatre watching Dracula.
To enjoy the arts and outdoors,
Simply display my skill with spatula.
Life is amazing every day!
Fossil hunting with my children
Daughter sings, son builds displays.
When day is done and class complete,
I come home turn on reality T.V.
My guitar sits in a corner ready.
I turn on my laptop and write
This all is part of life for me.
I have all I could ever ask for,
Perfect kids, cats, dogs and house.
Still my Princess Aniya who I adore,
Not with me, she’s what’s missing.

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Chapter Three: Hope for a Race Final Draft


“O to see a dragon birth.

To travel to one’s dark lair

Deep within the earth

Pray the Dragon spares thee”

Quoted by Arajuan to his men

warning them the danger

of hunting dragons.

Deep in a massive shadowy cave, the smoky black egg was preparing to hatch. The father, Rork crouched down and blew flames on it to hasten its incubation. His vast scorched wings tucked behind him, his neck stretched forward toward it. He focused his entire energy on hatching the egg.

To the left side of Rork sat a smaller female curled up in her nest of straw and rocks. The mother, she was a misty-black dragon. Her wings were thin delicate membranes she kept folded into her. She pressed the frilled crests to the side of her smooth face and neck as she edged nearer. She watched over him with an anxious eye.

A new large line appeared on the shell. Rork looked up and detected the crack. He called out with telepathy.

Mika, it is hatching, he exclaimed.

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