Knowing Her

By Damien Knight

Intelligent, anxious, eager, passionate about her heart
Delightful, cheerful outwardly, inside falling apart
A natural people pleaser
Never sees herself as a leader
Suffered so much but doesn’t complain
Refuses to put on others the blame
One act of visible rebellion
Caused her enough sufferin
If only I understood how she feels
Her heart and soul is under seal

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Who are you?

By Damien Knight

Who are you
Every word seeps into my veins
I feel my heart pound
Like a beast to be slain

I implore you, I plead
Tell me your name.
I’m the type to bleed
With the wound of love.

The cut is deeper still
Trying to guess.
Who had I hurt so
And what did I do to so impress?

Read into every line.
Did I know you once?
Were you once mine?
Or is this the confusion

Don’t be shy, I’m here
So just reach out to me.
Call, email, Facebook
Dear it really is that easy. is my email. 240 938 6317 my phone. heck I have kik KorakiSaros. It’s that easy, you know I’m here.

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