The Cask of Amontillado: Summary

Cera Knapp,

I think this story would make a very scary movie. A horror movie. It’s about a guy killing their friend and then regretting it. I believe the setting is in Italy. It’s sad but evil. All of this is my opinion.


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A Summary Poem

By Cera Knapp

It’s about dancing foxtrots

And waltzes

It sounds like a dream,

something romantic.

Rise and fall.

Execution in the next song

Perfect agony.

The Sine Qua Non?

Achieving flight,

Keeping frame.


Love Song

By Damien Knight

How do I put into words?

The feeling of ecstasy

Her voice gets to me

Weak, shaking, aching


What is a man?

Unrelenting growling hunger

I crave only for her

I must feel her love


Inside this heart iced over

Lives only this love song

its pulse keeps me strong

Waiting pilgrim at her altar

The Edge of Another Man

by Damien Knight


On thin ice lays the ego

Walking on the eggshells

Of consciousness

And there you find me

Hatred, bitter cold seeping

The shadow stands

To enlighten me

Sword drawn here I stand

But is that not

The coward I slain

Shaking inside my frame

Lo siento, I am sorry

That isn’t who I am

Merely just a shadow

The edge of another man


By Damien Knight

I have to be cautious,
my heart is glass
surrounded by brick
encased in a vault
of bitterness.

I have to be cautious,
my ego an animal
caged in arrogance
to hide my ignorance
and self consciousness.

I have to be cautious
I can’t let you see
how I’m falling
but you are different
breaking my walls.

I hate being cautious!
I just want this!
Sledgehammer the years
and give in to you.
and see you glow