Breaking Point

By Damien Knight

Feeling let down
Knowing I am broken
I feel hopelessly lost
I have been waiting
and I have been hoping
But I just can’t get it across
O the heart ache in my chest
O the pain of my sorrow
If only you see me
If only you knew
How very broken I am
Only you have the answers
Only you know it’s true
Only you can save me
If you just would love me
The way I love you


The Shadow’s Knight

By Damien Knight

Deep in the darkest corner
Where the mind goes to rest
Here I find you waiting
I become The Shadows guest

Here you offer me the chair
For now you command the night
Here you paint a picture
Of pain, joy, and sorrows light

As I try to stand you stop me
Words whispered about grace
And I sit again waiting
Hoping you will reveal your face

And then you speak to me
Your voice is strong
I am the one hiding you say
In my fear of being wrong

You are my Knight in the shadows
The angel of my very dreams
And yet it is my waking
That I see not all is as it seems

Only then do I realize the meaning
Only then do I understand
That only with you I have meaning
You are the one holding my hand



Lost in Oblivion

“Ayana Kanosis”
I have become lost
Yes, lost in the oblivion
Of what is and what was
And I tell so many untruths
That I am blinded by them
You see me standing in the ocean
A celestial with no purpose
A goddess with no god beside her
A dragon of high standing and yet
My world is dark and foreboding
For I am without an honest love
and the one I care for is not my love
the one I love has a goddess
I am not needed only wanted
not cared for only lusted after
and so, I am lost in the oblivion

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Damien Knight

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In Your Sorrow

By “Ayana Kanosis”

I watch as your soul slowly dies
I see that you are suffering
And all I can do is cry
The pain is so intense it stings
What can I do to comfort you?
How can I take the pain?
There seems nothing I can do
And it is driving me insane
What can I do to wake you
From your nightmarish hell?
No matter what I can’t break through
I cry, I scream, I yell
what must I do to melt the ice
that covers your hardened heart?
will just my words suffice
or must body and soul be ripped apart
I saw you falling fast
Seems you forgot how to fly
All due to the dead hand of the past
Let me save you I cry
As I catch you in my wings
Grab onto me I plead
For you truly mean everything
All I want is to fulfill your every need
Yet life is so unpredictable
I thought I saw you at my door
The dice are on the table
I wonder if you long for something more
And that is when I find that there is a chance
To get through to your cold hardened heart
Life is nothing more than a dance
In which from you I don’t wish to part


Lost Dream

By Damien Knight

Deep down I wallow in despair
The world passes without care
As I sacrifice dream for dream
My life isn’t what it seems

I forget to stop and look around
Lost in a life with no sound
Not even a moment of belief
Not a second of relief

Alas I lost out in all my dreams
For the sake of my lovers fantasies
Now I wait so empty and alone
Never achieving a dream of my own

Darkness Is Becoming ME

By Damien Knight

Blind my world spins around me.
I search for that which I don’t see,
A perfect soul to match my beat.
A friend who can take the heat.
Are you brave enough to withstand
My every trick my sleight of hand?
Then dare you message me
The dark man who does not see.