Wednesday Wisdom: Intelligence



Intelligence is not IQ.


Dilong of the Earth : Aldaria Snippet

By Damien Knight

Some dragons are wind, some are water, some are fire, but me I’m Earth. I breathe life. I am all that shines and grows green in the sun. Let the vines rise, the flowers bloom and the trees grow tall and thick. I am the ancient Dilong that oversees all. Amongst the council none can say they themselves were born of Gaia the divine. When the first dragons came to be we were born of gods. Let us remember we and them are the same and let there be peace.

Crack the Code

By Damien

I want to crack the code that is woman. How do I understand the language? No, not just any woman, I want to crack the code that is you. I want to understand the quirky way you grin, the chime of your laughter and the softness In your voice. I want to understand the screech of anger and even the tears. Every part of you is a mystery I long to solve