Announcement: Selfie Sunday Change

Damien Knight

I haven’t been posting Aldaria story updates since school started. I thought since Sundays is normally a day I post silly pictures it would be better used for stories and poems. Selfie Sunday will be changed to Story Sundays.

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Social Saturdays: An Attempt to Connect


Well we here at The Shadow’s Lair have been BUUUUUUSY. No YouTube videos in ages from us (I apologize)  and sporadic blog postings. I have so many over due restaurant reviews I need to post too.

Anyway today is Social Saturday. Every Saturday I try to answer questions asked by followers. I didn’t get any yet but the door is still open.

We are still moving into our new house. Process is slow moving. Kids still enjoying attending college classes with me. The only thing is transportation to and from school has been Uber and that gets expensive.

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By Damien Knight


I have planned a schedule of posts to ensure I have one post from me for every day of the week. Starting with :

Selfie Sunday: We will post selfies.

Motivation Monday: Inspirational posts. Yay!

Tiptastic Tuesday: tips and tricks for different things

Wednesday Wisdom: Philosophy, famous quotes and personal life wisdom.

Throwback Thursday: Photos and such from growing up and days past.

Follow Friday: Call out to all my active Followers and those who donate on Patreon.

Social Saturdays : This is where I will answer questions left in comments sections by fans.

Well, that’s that.


Spent All Day …

…Working on my essay. Because of this I did not post a lot today. I have even more to work on with my novel. Still it’s frustrating not posting the 12 posts a day like I was. Either way I just love getting my writing out there, even if it means retyping essays from papers I turned in 8 years ago. Love y’all.



Slow Day

Thoughts By Damien Knight

Today I did mostly lessons with the kids and spending time with family. I managed to keep up with the literary challenge. I am working on the novel so I might only be able to make 1 post a day until the chapter is done. I hope not. Thanks guys.