Unknown Commenter Please Read

Dear Unknown,

Hello who are you? Who I am is clearly stated on my blog, in the very first post but who are you dear? I can’t help you if you keep commenting as “uknown.” I thought you were someone I knew but I really think you have me confused for someone else. Be brave, tell me your name please.


You can find me easily to tell me in private. Type my name, Damien Skye Knight into Google and I pop up, or even fb search. You can email me at damiens.knight@yahoo.com Message me.


Damien Skye Knight

AKA “Raven”

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One Year Anniversary

By Damien Knight

On June 13th it had been 1 year since we started our blogging journey. Each day we have had new adventures to share. Thanks for being part of that with us. Here is to another year of blogging!

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SUMMER: Are we going to blog?

Damien Knight


Absolutely! This summer I hope to get back to my daily blog schedule. This means the return of “Monday Motivation, Wisdom Wednesday, a new one will be Feature Fridays. Social Saturday/Sundays will be where we thank our followers. We are glad to get back to posting more regularly. Please keep your eyes open for our posts and remember:

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Two Weeks Until the Mojave

by Damien Knight

March 9th I leave for my geology trip to the Mojave Desert. I am responsible for talking to my classmates about folds, faults and strike and dip measurements. I will also make sure to take a lot of photos and post on the blog daily (if I manage internet access) about the trip. My next post will be posted today or tomorrow and will be a summary of what will go in my power point concerning faults and folds. I will also post a quick tutorial on taking strike and dip measurements. As you can see, I was very busy this last month preparing for this trip. See ya’ll soon out in the Mojave!


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Follow Fridays on Saturday?

Hello followers I am so glad you all have kept following. A big thanks to everyone this year.

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