By Damien Knight


I have planned a schedule of posts to ensure I have one post from me for every day of the week. Starting with :

Selfie Sunday: We will post selfies.

Motivation Monday: Inspirational posts. Yay!

Tiptastic Tuesday: tips and tricks for different things

Wednesday Wisdom: Philosophy, famous quotes and personal life wisdom.

Throwback Thursday: Photos and such from growing up and days past.

Follow Friday: Call out to all my active Followers and those who donate on Patreon.

Social Saturdays : This is where I will answer questions left in comments sections by fans.

Well, that’s that.



Spent All Day …

…Working on my essay. Because of this I did not post a lot today. I have even more to work on with my novel. Still it’s frustrating not posting the 12 posts a day like I was. Either way I just love getting my writing out there, even if it means retyping essays from papers I turned in 8 years ago. Love y’all.



Slow Day

Thoughts By Damien Knight

Today I did mostly lessons with the kids and spending time with family. I managed to keep up with the literary challenge. I am working on the novel so I might only be able to make 1 post a day until the chapter is done. I hope not. Thanks guys.

Life Update: Georgia

By Damien Knight

Written Mar 21 2017

I have temporarily moved to Georgia. I have acquired a new laptop. My family is all back together and we are attempting to buy a different house. I will return to Kentucky and the new house when school starts. I am very excited. I shall hopefully return to our normal schedule of poetry and fantasy stories but I also will be posting photography and travel writing’s my spouse has written. Keep your eyes open.

Life Update 2 From 3/26/2017

(Transferred from Niume)

Hello, it’s me Damien. I know you don’t come to my blog to hear about my personal struggles. You’re probably here to see my latest piece of art, read about philosophy or read a new literary piece. Well, don’t worry, I’ll keep the rough bits short, takes lemons to make lemonade as the cliché goes.
I have been living in a hotel for about a week. I will be living sort of transient until the house is repaired. I work at a McDonald’s. I love my coworkers and my customers but, I hate fast food. It’s a good job though so not dogging it. I applied to try doing tutoring on Course Hero. I think I’d enjoy it more.
The good news is, I have keys to the house. (As I stated I ended up not purchasing that house.) I will be getting to work on repairs. As soon as they are done I can return to posting daily stuff you followed me for to begin with. I have a whole folder of work I have written just waiting to be posted. So that’s the situation. I am tired, and overloaded but eager. Everyone’s support means so much.
Honest love my followers.


Personal Update From 3/18/17

(Blog transferred from Niume)

Hi, my name is Damien Knight. I look like this:


At least today I do. I mean, I just took this picture. I am at Cook Out eating a burger and hush puppies. I haven’t posted a blog in weeks. No poems, novel updates, or anything because I am buying a house.


This 1926 era home is a renovation project and so will take a lot of time and effort. I want to be able to keep writing and to be able to update here. I will not have internet at the house for a while. I will continue to post whenever I can. Thanks for all your support and patience.

I ended up not purchasing this home, it was a lovely home but impractical. The owner / seller did not hold to his end or ever deliver a contract for down payment. As you all know I now have purchased a house and as soon as I can I will show you. Thanks everyone.