Forget Me

A shadows pain in icy vein
Doth carve the shallow path
Down the road with no redemption
Is this sweet death at last
Alas tis not, we the dark eternal
Live forever pulsing crystal beats
Within our chest as if a heart
Everlasting carries the memories
Let us crush the stone, a curse
May we forget who we were once more

The Darker Days Behind Me

A torrent of words meant only for my sorrow
Why then? does one not know the dreams?
entertain not idle fantasy, Sora the illusion
Ignore and chase nothing for reality is here
In fire and air Aldra and Kyra ignite
but me i exist in boring monotony
I fought the dark the void of mind
India’s maiden returns like dashed hope unkind
A dreary storm for stronger men
A monsoon my soul it rends
why be sad when joy abounds
I have a love yes more than one around
sweet beloved spouse of mine
and lady Sora in dreams to find
when I need compassion to plead
I can lean on my pet my dear Kitty
Not alone yet solitary not deluded no
I fight the dark with these
plead I then to ask why remind me?

Void King

A world cold empty vain
void king deserves no name
Lost in ice forever cold
Bury now this decrepit soul

Cold as ice the wandering
Ever doth my heart to break
Will for me a maiden sing
Alas that siren no joy bring

No warmth in heart or hearth
No fire to light my joys
Am I broken still?
That my pen bleeds ill?

Nay I look to those I love
Even as I am numb
I am their void king, friend
In them my heart can mend


I try to break the chains
Tight around me
Suffacting my will to write
Erasing my drive for poetry

Is there no romance?
Passionate emotions linger
Do I have nothing
My words a bee with no stinger

I cannot find my soul
Mired in my despair
For all the love in the world
I am alone and none care

Haunted by Her

The lady of shadows haunts me
And my heart feels lost at sea
Alone I am an empty king
But you stand here reminding me
Of promises I made to write
To pour my soul on page
So tired I spend all my time
Studying ever so late
And when the days fade to night
If I sleep will I again wake
I tire of the glaring lights
Aniya left me to my fate
And I hold everything said
Between us always in memory
Lest I be once more dead
And heart set free

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“Growing Up Aspie”- A Comic By Nathan McConnell

I first discovered “Growing Up Aspie” in an autistic community group during the same time I had that unfortunate conversation with a well known Autism “advocacy” blog. I loved the post the group member shared, it reflected me, but I could not in good consciousness share it I said because of my aversion to “Aspie/Asperger.”


Ah yes, I too often start to speak and lose entire sentences. WHY BRAIN! Image Description Comic Titled “This is your brain on what?” Main character Nathan, Speech bubble next to Nathan who is wearing a green shirt and grey hat “So he hired an..” A brain floats above him with a white box that reads “So he hired an attorney.” A white ghost like person stand next to Nathan waiting. Next panel inside the Brain’s white box in red letters “So he hired an…” Nathan’s speech bubble has three dots. Third panel Brain’s box says LOL!#% Nathan looks at his brain and his speech bubble reads “I mean… Seriously?” The allistic ghost person has his hands up looking surprised.

The artist, Nathan, is a king of grace and understanding. When we spoke he was polite and aware and his art is just fantastic. He explained his position to me without feeling insulted that I was concerned with the use of “aspie.” It is, as an artist, a blogger and a fellow autistic community voice a position I could understand.

I cannot find screens of that original conversation but I had told the person who shared his comic that I did not feel comfortable sharing anything dealing with Asperger in it’s name. The person understood and cropped the name out for me. This was when Nathan replied and explained how he was aware that the community was distancing itself from Asperger but that for him right now he could not change the name. He told me of the financial aspects and how he was diagnosed prior to the DSM V. He is autistic. Does not like functioning labels, and is aware that Aspie is such and the problem with Asperger. When you get told over and over this is who you are, I understand changing is hard but he has been making that change.

For many of us Aspie supremacy is very important. I have noticed debate over it is once more circling around the community again. First with Greta and her use and also with a certain E-zine/blog and it’s name.  For Nathan, he literally grew up aspie, but doesn’t call himself aspie, all his comics say autistic. He says better his case than I can:

Why “Aspie” -From “Growing up Aspie” Facebook Page

His art and voice relates so well to myself. I can proudly endorse his art and hope those following take time to visit his page and support his Patreon.

Buy awesome tees here.
Nathan’s Patreon.
Official Website Growing Up Aspie