Jealous Love

By Jayson Knapp


Oh the love of two

That which is a mans desire

the pain of lovelessness

to those whose heart is jealous


Cats: A Haiku

By Jayson Knapp

The cat mews at cats

The cat hisses at humans

The cat climbs up trees


Damien Knight

Today I need help

Help to stand up

Up on my feet

Today i need help

Help to breathe

Breathe stress free

Today i need help

Help walking on legs

Legs that burn

Today I need help

Help to live life

Life that can’t be

A Life

By Damien Knight
I took a life today

I didn’t mean too, 

I wasn’t wanting to murder

But father said I killed her.

Father said I commited slaughter

Yes I took a life today because

Father didn’t have a son but a daughter

Never mind the love I gave

Trips to the lake…
….I will take a life tomorrow


Follow Friday: Is It Really

By Damien Knight

Friday again!?!

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Easy Halloween Wreath Suitable for Chronically Ill People

Wow a quick cute wreath worthy of love!

Life with an Illness


I decided to get into the holiday fun with this adorable wreath! Having several chronic illnesses and POTS, I always have extreme fatigue and my hands become numb after a while. There are a lot of things I am not able to complete but I decided to get involved in the Halloween spirit and make a craft! Remember even though life can be hard, and you’re hurting it’s important to still have fun, and do things to get your mind off of things. I loved this craft and it makes you feel good to accomplish it! Anyone can do it however, for those with a chronic illness and get tired easily this is perfect for you! It was inexpensive, I did it on my couch, and it only took an hour! It didn’t overly tire me out and didn’t make my hands go very numb. I did take several breaks…

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The Hydrology of 2017’s Hurricanes

Recently the North American Continent and Caribbean Islands was ravaged by a series of violent hurricanes. The hurricanes that hit the U.S. typically start off as severe storms on the west coast of Africa. As the storm hits the ocean, it will gather strength by feeding off the warmth and moisture of the ocean. Then, thanks to the Coriolis Effect, it gains rotation.

The Coriolis Effect is a phenomenon that causes fluids and air to curve over the earth’s surface. This occurs because the earth is rotating on its axis from west to east and it spins faster where the sphere bulges, the equator. As the hurricane spins an area of high pressure is created up top and low pressure on the bottom. The whole thing rotates around the eye of the storm.

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