We Made It!

I will write more detailed post later but I wanted to state we got to Las Vegas!

I walked the strip and saw lots. Can’t wait to share with you all. #Mojave


Identifying Faults and Folds in the Field

by Damien Knight


Today I will talk about faults and folds in the field. When we go to the Mojave, we will see many faults and folds. These features are a type of rock deformation due to stress. Rocks deform in three ways, elastic, brittle and ductile based on the stress. You can have confining pressure, shear stress, compression and tension.


Figure 1: Laboratory Manual Physical Geology

Faults are a brittle deformation whereas folds are a ductile deformation. There are three types of faults, dip-slip faults, strike-slip faults, and oblique-slip faults. Strike-Slip faults are due to shear stress on the rocks. The dominant displacement on these faults  is horizontal and parallel to the strike of the fault’s surface. A few sub categories of the strike-slip faults are right and left-lateral strike-slip faults and transform faults.

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Jan 19, 1986

My name is Damien Knight. I am a 32-year-old female to male trans-person. Today is my birthday. I have lived as male since 2009. I was on testosterone for 3 years and desperately want to get back on it. I also desire one other thing, top surgery.

I have lived 32 years in a body that causes me discomfort, anxiety and depression. The dysphoria once was so bad I attempted suicide. Today I no longer try to die but I think if I had surgery I would be less depressed. This year I hope to raise 1000 toward my goal. Please, for my birthday I ask that people donate toward my surgery fund. Thank You.

The Go Fund Me for my surgery The Shadow’s Journey : https://www.gofundme.com/TheShadowsJourney

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