By Damien Knight


Her voice cries out to me

Spare me I plea

but I am in love and

love makes fools of men

By the goddess send me to her

no she is a goddess

my princess who has saved me




By Damien Knight

The stars in the sky chase the dreams in your eyes
the swirling nebulas birthing our memories
how can we explain the vastness, the size
this swirling galaxy only a small part of the sky

A Bitter Lover

By Damien Knight

you gave me passion, fed me lies
kisses were confused for affection
but it was all misdirection
and you the lord of demise

You tried to reap my love, dear
but you only bred passionate despite
you wanted a bedfellow instead I’m a knight
and I won’t cave to fear

year after year I try to let go
but the bitterness toward you grows
and one day I will be truly free
and forget all these fucked up memories

Research Paper

By Damien Knight

I stare at the paper eager to write

all my notes sitting before me

I put up my dukes ready to fight

but no muscles and a blank memory

I keep reorganizing typing and deleting

Ten pages of research are you serious!

Typing so much my hands sting

all this writing makes me delirious

Will the result be worth it

or ten pages of hot garbage

hey if I can get a degree in bull shit

I guess I’ll give them this verbal carnage


Despairing World

By Damien Knight


The world is twisted, crying mass

loud and screaming violent place

peace and love seems to pass

and kindness blind from the human race

the blood of innocents

on the hands of angry men

leave behind hated prints

of the ultimate sin

The sin of bigotry and hate

a crime of the uncivilised

I hope we leave such a state

a world where none are victimized



Above the Trees

By Damien Knight


the soft sway of the waterfall

dripping down the limestone cliffs

Melting away all those solid walls

of doubt and what ifs

Gazing from under the water

out over all of the trees

up here I do not falter

Above the world I feel free