Something You look Forward To

By Damien Knight

My writing prompt today is “What do you look forward to every week?” The thing I look forward to is my meetings with Dr. Wulff. He is my professor in mineralogy. He is a quality professor and I feel I have improved so much taking his class. I have made a lot of progress in my studies because of these meetings. I thought I would only be progressing in Mineralogy but I have found that it has helped my study habits entirely.

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I Want: A Journal Written 2003

By Damien Knight

I wrote this in 2003. I had followed a path others choose rather than my true dream. I have as you all know returned to my true desire of being a palaeontologist. Also, any commentary will be in italics.

When I was young, I had big dreams.  I wanted to be a palaeontologist. I still have big dreams. I want to be an author, a teacher, and a missionary.

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What I Got In Trouble for as a Kid

By Damien Knight

My 300 Writing prompts is what I got int trouble for most. I got in trouble for most as a kid was not paying attention. I got in fights occasionally and got in trouble for other things but was yelled at most for my lack of focus. Whether it was forgetting my umbrella during a down pour or not closing a door in a timely manner, I got scolded. I fear I yell too much at my own children for similar such mole hills.

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A Thing I Lied to Myself About

By Damien Knight

Today’s 300 writing prompts is what did you lie to yourself about and why? I didn’t even have to think about that, Sailor Mars, I lied to myself about her. I told myself I was happy with my ex girlfriend. I dated her 2-3 years saying I was happy even though I was miserable. I insisted we would work out, she was my soul mate.

It’s hard admitting you were wrong. For me especially because she was my first true love. I met her when I was 10 years old. Ending it was hard, I loved her once you know. I almost convinced myself to stay.

Why did I do it? I lied to myself out of love, loneliness, and the misguided belief she was mine. I thought she loved me, needed me. I almost went back. She does not love me, I realise that now. I just need to move on.

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