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WKU Geology Trip to the Mojave: Preparation’s Made


By Damien Knight


A week ago, I was waking up on the desert floor cold, wet, hungry and excited. I had been halfway through my trip to study the geology of the desert regions of California and Nevada. This week I will post several short posts about this experience and my thoughts on it.

The semester started back in January but my plans for this trip started way before that. I put my name on the list sometime in November just before the winter term started. I and 15 other geology students met at the first meeting Dr. Andrew Wulff, a volcanologist and WKU geology professor, held for the course. We discussed price, around 650 for Study Away plus the airfare, we discussed food, hotel accommodation and potential projects.

I knew I wanted to do this but as most of my followers know I suffer from epilepsy, asthma, and chronic pain issues (diagnosis still unsure “fibromyalgia?”) so any hiking expedition would be a challenge. I couldn’t bring my cane on such a trip and at 200 lbs I was (still am) obese. This meant I had to prepare.

My preparations started with an intense diet program. I dropped my calorie consumption to 1200 a day. I exercised at 5:00 am every morning for 15 minutes and 30 minutes in the afternoon. By time March arrived I had lost 23 lbs, and no longer used my cane.

The next step was packing luggage, taking notes at meetings and writing my project. I choose rock deformation, specifically faults. As time went on my project took on a wider role as I promised to blog about the trip and cover other aspects of structure such as folds and other deformation. I wrote a pre-trip information post on faults and created a power-point. With our presentations presented, our bags packed, and my personal goals achieved it was off to the airport.

Ahead was a week of adventure, excitement, and a touch of agony. My next post will be the revised “Faults and Fold” post and over the coming weeks snippets from my hand written journal concerning the trip.

Wild Things Kids Say

By Damien Knight

As a homeschooling dad I field a lot of odd questions from my kids. Heck even if you don’t homeschool this happens. Today we talked a little about sharks. My son was writing a paper in a sharks point of view.

“Otosan would one shark attack another?”

“Most are solitary so not likely.”

“Maybe a sea Piranha that’s what I will put. Does that exist.”

“There is a fish one might describe like that but no.”

“Ok Orca!”

then his sister pipes up and says.

“I wonder if there are gay sharks. Otosan are there any gay sharks.”

“Um… I haven’t had a chance to go asks any sharks if they are gay.”

And now we are all sitting here wondering…

A Deep Grief

By Damien Knight 

I have a large family and so dont keep in touch with everyone like I’d like. Last week my dad surprised me with a text, my youngest Cousin had just lost his son. Devestating, my Cousin Jake was one of few people who accepted me right away when I came out.  He’s a cool kid and it deeply saddens me to know he and Heather lost their baby. Anyway they need help raising money for funeral expenses. If any one wants to help here is their page. For Cayson thanks.

Flesh Blankets and Pantless Girls

By Damien Knight

“A flesh blanket the prefered blanket of serial killers.”

I joked last night. Isn’t it strange the weird things people think and say. My daughter inherited my odd sense of humor. She oft says odd stuff too. My favourite is when she declared 

“Jay, come run with a pantless woman. ”

She was wearing a dress. 

I wonder if my family, my sisters and I growing up, had internet if the world would have been shocked. I was raised in odd humor after all. They do say sarcasm and swearing are the language of the intelligent. Anyway thats my random musing for the day.

Sneak- The Dragonborn’s pet Raccoon

By Damien Knight 

I absolutely love raccoons, I  dont know why I just do. I play videogames a lot and my favourite is Skyrim. While playing my kids always hand me my stuffed raccoon. His name is Sneak. The kids say he’s a good luck charm. Helps me with all my sneaking for theives guild quest. 

Kids are great. They come up with the best stuff. The dragonborn only needs a raccoon.

Climbing The Mountain

By Damien Knight

I spent years fighting the inner demons. Everyone fights their shadows, eventually I embraced mine. In the end, I had no choice. I could hate who I had become or forgive myself. I forgave. What was I guilty of? Being myself, certainly not.

Forgive yourself, it is an important step to take, forgive yourself and you take off the weight you carry. The burden that prevents you from climbing Everest is lifted. My demons were my self-image, I would scrape at my face in tears. My burden was my dysphoria and like an elephant on my back I tried to climb with this on me. I tried to lie to myself about my happiness. I was a poor liar, and such burdens make success impossible.

We can do anything we set our minds too. I know I can be a better man a stronger man. I know I won’t have to struggle with the suffering of my youth and I do not look back into the shadow of my past. Forgive yourself, that is the first step. Be true to your being is the second, and the third is make your dreams possible. Believe and act. And that is what I am doing. I believe I can do this. I can raise money for surgery, I will have the family farm, and we will keep traveling.

Keep believing, forgive, and be true. Without that first step you cannot climb the mountain.

You can help me take steps in my transition Journey here: The Shadow’s Journey