Nintendo: A History

By Jayson Knapp


Nintendo started Sept. 23 1889 as a card company. The game was called harafuda, an ancient Japanese game. When Nintendo was losing money they put Disney characters on their game cards. Then they did a left turn from cards and toys. In 1977 they made their first video games like, Duck Hunt, for the Atari 2600.

In between 1974 and 1976 Nintendo created their first games and consoles. First, in the us is the NES or the Famicon. The Famicon was already popular in Japan. The NES sold millions of copies as Famicon, but in America they changed from using all game cartridges to only NES ones. The system used was the 10 NES. The GameCube came out in Japan on Sept. 14 2001.It was released to the U.S. Nov. 18 2001. The D.S. came out 2004, people like it’s improved graphics The Wii came out at the end of 2006 with games like New Super Mario Bro’s Wii.

By 2017 Nintendo had new games and a console. The Nintendo switch is a new day combination of Wii and Wii U. The Nintendo Switch sold 600, 000 in 8 days. With Mario still a hit on the console the Switch is their all in one console.

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Sneak- The Dragonborn’s pet Raccoon

By Damien Knight 

I absolutely love raccoons, I  dont know why I just do. I play videogames a lot and my favourite is Skyrim. While playing my kids always hand me my stuffed raccoon. His name is Sneak. The kids say he’s a good luck charm. Helps me with all my sneaking for theives guild quest. 

Kids are great. They come up with the best stuff. The dragonborn only needs a raccoon.


By Jayson Knapp


Author Photo

Hail the blocky world of Minecraft with its annoying creepers and endermen. These beasts take apart all your stuff. Then you have shulkers who make you fly. These too are annoying. Slime and magma cubes behave the same. They both have three sizes. Their moves are jumping and splitting.

There are so many mobs in the game that I had trouble recalling them all. One new one I learned about is killer bunny. There are so many mods for the game that it is hard to find pictures of vanilla mobs.

What is now Minecraft Classic was released to the public May 17th , 2009 . I was about 2 years old at the time. Its initial creator was Jen and “Notch” then it was taken over by Mojang. It started as a computer game but now is on nearly every console. This game is my favourite game.

Video Games: Everyone Got Lazy

Transcribed By:  Damien Knight in 2011

Jayson five years old. In his toyroom, it’s a mess with toys, his schoolwork is spread on his desk. He wears a messy long sleeve red shirt and washed out denim jeans. He smiles real bright.

(he stands on the kitchen chair in front of his table and begins to talk)

It it’s uh well about star wars. Like there is bad guys by the one thing. I dunno, all I can say is Star Wars. We all play star wars me and my friends. Oh there’s a wii at at my school. Yeah at the school. Mhm Yeah the Wii is not like the Wii U because it’s different its super different. (He laughs spreading his arms out. Very excited like near falling from his chair) Uhuh its and uh go and there is the Wii U and then there will be a new Wii though I dunno what kind. After the Wii U. I really like the Gameboy. And I like all the game systems. Like the iPad. Yes it has games on it. The iPad has games right? Uhuh. It has video games, Facebook. Yeah, I don’t disregard it. Facebook has games, like the game popper one, like boom. (mocks explosion with his hands) I really like all of them. Yeah. All the facebook games are nice.  Did you know that? I love the, yeah, you know my star wars game I have, I have Lego Star wars for the X-box. He plays all the games, Skyrim. I feel good about it cuz its Ahhh. (He yells the Ahh enthusiastically as if he started to say awesome but doesn’t finish.) Did you know that? A remote? I like remotes, with remote and no remote. I want all games with a remote. I really want the remote, all them. Remote with one hand yes. Yeah. You know sometimes with iPhones and sometimes not. I think sometimes we need board games. You know like Dinosaur Train. I think everyone has got lazy cause they want video games and stuff, not board games. I think a long time ago when there was wars and stuff people didn’t have video games. There was nothing, no tv no nothing. During the time period of the 39 steps. Yeah cause there was no TV because of war.  I have one TV, Nana has two TVs no wait three. Video Games are so fun. I like Video Games

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Video Games: Graphics 

Transcribed By Damien in 2011

Aaron, 34 Wearing a black hoodie and jeans. Living room has flat screen TV, coffee table covered in clothes is next to a red couch. He sits on the couch with an article of clothing in his hand. He folds it pushes it aside and begins talking.

What do video games mean to me? Well I don’t know.  What do I think of gaming culture? Evolved. from like Pong to like more realistic. It’s gone from little side scrolling to like three dimensional worlds. What‘s the future well possibly 3-d like the PlayStation. Uhuh, like how TV’s now have 3-d on them. Ummm (he pauses looking thoughtful) It went from like joysticks on the Atari, like the games you would play down at the Arcade. Atari made the games but no home consoles. We played for fun. There was this game called fishing. It was a two player up and down catch the fish before the shark was coming. (He gets a bit more excited as he tells the story) It was hard to play because all we had was a black and white TV at the time. We didn’t know what was getting our fish, but we didn’t know, until we got a colored TV. They had the old cathode ray tubes so that’s change now too TV’s now use LED. You can’t use like some of the old shooter games. Duck Hunt, Hogan’s Alley. Nintendo was already out before the NES, they were on the Atari. They just got mad because (he trails off) It was cool it was already on the Atari but they wanted to do their own thing and have their own way of doing it and not conform to uh what Atari was wanting to do. They came out with Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt and Rad Racers, Sight Bike, Metroid, came out with a whole series of games back in like (He pauses to think) In like was ’88. Christmas of ’88 was a big push for Nintendo, they had their own system, it was the first big gaming system with a big push. Yeah, oh yeah. (His eyes light up and he smiles) Graphics, what you can do, more memory and well the graphics. Depends on how Microsoft works out their system whether remotes become obsolete, it very well could be. But it just depends on what people want. If they’re smart they will give ‘em what they want. If they get the technology up (pauses) it be ok, but some people still want to be lazy and use their hands, the controller. Mm It can make you lazy. That’s why the Wii was made, be more active but you either like it or you don’t. They’re trying but, (he pauses for a good while) the PlayStation has got their thing and the Xbox has got their deal it’s still, people fighting it. Yeah it’s just too new. I well I play a lot of Skyrim but before that it was Okami because of the art work. The Okami on the Wii is awesome but still that is my favorite game. They are still games they aren’t on the Xbox or console but yeah Facebook is still games. It’s pretty limited because they want you to pay money for things to add. It’s still games. It is just if they wouldn’t limit it it’s more like the old style to where you know demos. You can play to a certain point and then you got to buy the things to keep on playing. People make a lot of money that way but I don’t like it so I don’t play a lot of that crap. Yes total different interactions, a lot of the computer games have gotten MMO types, you can still play the game but you can type and talk. Now you can do that with Xbox (His voice raises a bit again with excitement) Yeah, yeah but with the limits right now. With the Xbox they are trying to get new stuff. Trying to do that more. Some people just want to go ahead and just play it and some people just like using the uh mouse over like the joystick or the controller. I’ve gone from console to computer gaming just because of the graphics. The games on the Wii and the PlayStation I don’t know what they’re doing. They stopped coming out with as cool of games as they use to. The price of computer games is a lot cheaper. I don’t know why but I have an idea, mhm. A lot of times with the downloads if you lose your computer you can still get the download back. Graphics is better on them.

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