Johnny Rockets: An American Treat

By Aaron Knapp

In August I went to the Daegu Aquarium for a weekend. I got hungry and went to eat. I was hanging out inside the large mall where the Aquarium is at. I went to the food court near the bottom of the Dongdaegu Transfer Mall. Inside the food court is the Johnny Rockets restaurant. With all the other food options in this area, this hamburger establishment stands out.

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Wendy’s On Russellville Road Bowling Green

Damien Knight

I go to the local Wendy’s about once every other week. Our Wendy’s is at 2648 Russellville Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42101. Tonight, 12/22/2018,  at around 7:30 pm, I went to that same Wendy’s and my normal seating spot was a filthy mess. We got our food fast enough, but the lobby was horrid looking. Ok it’s a fast food place not to complain worthy, go ask for a person to wipe a table.

I head to the table and the manager Shannon, a tall blonde woman, comes out and wipes our table and does “curtesy swipes” of a few other tables. She doesn’t sweep the mess of fries from the floor or really clean anything well except the table we sat at. She goes back and next I know I hear my friend, who is on crutches for a broken heel, yell out: “Take a picture of this!”

I turn and there is my friend on the ground and French fry is crushed beside him. I pull my camera to take the picture but manager Shannon was quick to grab it.

“Take a picture of what?” She says, “It’s just a French fry.”

My friend was struggling to get up, and the manager walks away from him without asking if he was all right or make any accommodation or apology. He get’s angry and retorts, “Not even gonna ask if I am ok? This kind of thing is a great way to get a lawsuit. Should clean this place up!”

She then feigns concern “Are you all right?”

“No!” He snaps, “I am not.”

I muttered that he would be fine as I was helping him. I helped him off the ground and took pictures of the mess. After she made him file an “Incident Report” where she asked if he knew the owner of the Wendy’s, and his address and phone number. Then she made him give a written statement and said she took “written statements” from others in the restaurant. By the way at the time of incident there were 2 other families, and neither one did I see give such statements. In fact I never saw her talk to them.

Shannon told him that Wendy’s couldn’t be responsible for any injury due to tripping on a fry. She wasn’t the least bit polite or apologetic about what happened. Her apologies were cold and mechanic “Of course we don’t want anyone getting hurt but we are not responsible for fries on the ground.” I took pictures of the conditions. I took these pictures after she “Cleaned” if that tells you anything about the state of it prior. Do not go to this Wendy’s when Shannon is working it is obvious that when she’s there the store is ran at a sub-par level.