New Year Wish

This is going to be casual
After all, what can I say
Am I wishing for a princess?
No, I wish for betterment
I spend all my life dreaming
Today, I want us all to wake
Do you see the flames fly
The world burned, S. Korea, Cali
Now Australia, I wish they’d listen
But goverment stoges sit
In offices cool and cozy
People March, people scream
People are dying everyday
But here I sit selfish dreams
New year wish to effect change
Raise the voices of the world
The meek, the dying, the silenced!

Midnight Lady

The lady of midnight
Visit me sweep me away
From this waking dream
Long for her grace again

Lady light shine on my agony
Oh Sora in winter be my spring
And I Koraki the eternal king
Lonely ever more to love thee

Sleep I must that I dream
Palaces tall caves run deep
And her raidiance all for me
Lady of midnight wait for me

Cry Out-Dying

Feel trapped, mourning the dream,
Cut to pieces nothing left to see.
How do you bleed when vein dry?
A empty world filled with icy lies,
I can’t fight when others rather I die.
Every turn I’m wicked, narcissist,
Or I’m hated, othered, unwanted.
I file away the pain, slots of mind,
Empty, cold, no empathy to find.
Makes me worthless, no place for me.
Wake me from this misery,
This corpse tires as king of agony.
When will this damn curse lift,
Where is the supposes gift.
That life is suppose to be
Denied, rejected, forced to mask.
Hide dysphoria, depression, desire to die.
Hide my rage, my existence, wake alone.
I am done fighting on my own.
Please, crying out, desperate not to die.
Save me, I’m drowning in this sea!
Help so I can be who I see inside!

Motivation Monday: Humility and Humanity

Humility, what is it? Humility is the act of being humble. The dictionary states it is a modest or low view of one’s own importance. I recently heard a talk on the importance of humility. On it’s meaning and how to embrace humility.

Humility is grounded in humanity. Not so much lowering ones self below others but remembering ones self as part of humanity.

The origin of the word could come from the word “umbles or numbles ” which were the lower cuts of meat, intestines or loins of deer and dog. Used in 15th century English originally. When hungry we remember we are human.

Humility is strength and purpose, it is not a meanness, not superiority. It is the value at the core of several faiths. Islam itself means surrender, humility to god. Jesus humbled himself before his disciples by washing their feet. A Sanskrit virtue “neti” is “I am not.” It is a virtue of humility, essential to find your humanity.