We Made It!

I will write more detailed post later but I wanted to state we got to Las Vegas!

I walked the strip and saw lots. Can’t wait to share with you all. #Mojave


Identifying Faults and Folds in the Field

by Damien Knight


Today I will talk about faults and folds in the field. When we go to the Mojave, we will see many faults and folds. These features are a type of rock deformation due to stress. Rocks deform in three ways, elastic, brittle and ductile based on the stress. You can have confining pressure, shear stress, compression and tension.


Figure 1: Laboratory Manual Physical Geology

Faults are a brittle deformation whereas folds are a ductile deformation. There are three types of faults, dip-slip faults, strike-slip faults, and oblique-slip faults. Strike-Slip faults are due to shear stress on the rocks. The dominant displacement on these faults  is horizontal and parallel to the strike of the fault’s surface. A few sub categories of the strike-slip faults are right and left-lateral strike-slip faults and transform faults.

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Two Weeks Until the Mojave

by Damien Knight

March 9th I leave for my geology trip to the Mojave Desert. I am responsible for talking to my classmates about folds, faults and strike and dip measurements. I will also make sure to take a lot of photos and post on the blog daily (if I manage internet access) about the trip. My next post will be posted today or tomorrow and will be a summary of what will go in my power point concerning faults and folds. I will also post a quick tutorial on taking strike and dip measurements. As you can see, I was very busy this last month preparing for this trip. See ya’ll soon out in the Mojave!


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By Damien Knight

Her heart was a bitter void.

Blackness seeped into the soul

Where could she go?

She had givens so much

Never enough.

She loved, sacrificed

He left anyway

If he had wanted

he still couldn’t stay

It had to be

Her joys slashed

as a car pulled

into their driveway

She shooed the kids back

Tells them to stay

Tears of glass

lost to grief

a letter at last

no relief

he’d never come home

and these little ones

she’d have to love

on her own