A Dream

By Damien Knight

Aniya, I am ever seeking
Her grace a dream I hold.
Lady I beg embrace me.
I feel so very cold.
Every night I sleep
There you are.
I wake alone & weep.
You exist in stars
But not reality.
Increasingly alone
Drowning in this sea.
Who is my own?
Aniya set me free.

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Past, Be Free

By Damien Knight

Tears on the page
I cut the line
Tied your heart to mine
I feel it is sage
Yet inside I cry
I meant every plea
Asked you to marry me
It’s a hopeless lie
Tired, always other men
You have loved more than I
Breaking me I’d rather die
Than do this all again
I have to do as you
Admit it’s past and let go
So you can grow
My love remains true

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Damien! An Acrostic Poem

By Damien Knight

Dinosaurs are my passion,
Archaeology my second .
Music is my breath.
Intelligence alludes me
Eager to learn more,
Never quite sure.

Soaring, call me Raven,
Koraki, the black bird.
Youthful despite my age,
Enthusiastic with love.

King of his own castle.
Never means to let you down.
Is loyal to a fault.
Generous beyond belief.
Humble, shy, but not meek.
That’s who I am.

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By Damien Knight

Are you lonely as I?
Does the air fill with sighs?
Do you wish for me?
Stare at clouds dreamily
Wondering if I am too?
I gaze up and think of you
Bold in your declarations.
I wish I had her admiration.
If she spoke to me
Held her heart out lovingly
The way you hold to dreams.
I wouldn’t fall at the seams.
I will be forced to choose
Between Mars and you.
Mars she has another she holds
And won’t leave as I been told.
Yet I feel so bound to her,
I swore once forever.
I said I was made for you
I feel this is also true.
I feel so real in our passion
That with your love I start again.

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Long Distance

By Damien Knight

Not every line is a story true,
Nor every verse a page for you.
My darling knows this heart of mine
She sees my pain and she’s divine.
I ache for her in true agony
I pleaded she reach for me.
In response she says “Yes sir.”
And instantly I’m there for her.
But true we have yet to meet,
So take a moment, have a seat.
She lives a rainy Washington city
While I live in lonely Kentucky.
I’ll love her ’til my dying day
For that is my way.

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