Why People Should Run

By Cera Knapp


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Running is very important because it keeps you fit. It is healthy to run. It is a fun exercise you can do just about anywhere. I think it is the best exercise. If you run enough you can lose weight. Everyone should run. You can even use running instead of cars to go short distances. Running is fast. That is why I think everyone should run more.



About Shadow Mermaid Cera

Hello, I am Cera, a cute, fun and huggable 8-year-old girl. I live in an apartment with my Daddy, Otosan, and my silly older brother. We also have 6 cats, and a bunny. While I love all animals, my favorite are foxes. I am home-schooled at the Knapp family school. I love art, chemistry and of course recess. I’m currently in third grade, it is a lot of fun. After school I like to play, draw and color. I love to go on adventures and enjoy collecting rocks. Anyway, that’s me the youngest in the Shadow’s Lair family. Follow us at Patreon.


Cera wearing her own shirt.