The Foxes

By Cera Knapp

Foxes with their fur

sitting on benches

torches light every where

Compasses reach to midnight

and the foxes go with their might

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The Cask of Amontillado: Summary

Cera Knapp

I think this story would make a very scary movie. A horror movie. It’s about a guy killing their friend and then regretting it. I believe the setting is in Italy. It’s sad but evil. All of this is my opinion.


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Red Foxes- An Essay

By Cera Knapp


Author Photo

Red foxes are really cute. They live all around the world in many different habitats. In some places humans can adopt these amazing creatures. Foxes eat small creatures and can eat fruit.

A fox uses its tail for balance, but it also has other uses. They can use their tails as coats to keep warm in cold weather. They also use them to communicate with other foxes.

Foxes meet in the winter to mate. The female, called a vixen, gives birth to 2 to 12 pups a litter. At birth red fox pups are brown or grey. Both parents look after the young until they are old enough to go out in the world.


Cera drew a fox.

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About Shadow Mermaid Cera

Hello, I am Cera, a cute, fun and huggable 8-year-old girl. I live in an apartment with my Daddy, Otosan, and my silly older brother. We also have 6 cats, and a bunny. While I love all animals, my favorite are foxes. I am home-schooled at the Knapp family school. I love art, chemistry and of course recess. I’m currently in third grade, it is a lot of fun. After school I like to play, draw and color. I love to go on adventures and enjoy collecting rocks. Anyway, that’s me the youngest in the Shadow’s Lair family. Follow us at Patreon.


Cera wearing her own shirt.