Home Chef Worth the Buy?

Disclosure Statement: I will include my sign-up link for Home Chef. It does not influence my review. The link provides 35% off for those signing up while giving myself $35 towards my account.

In August I ordered Home Chef for the first time. I want to give a few things I liked about it and disliked. I will start with its advantages.

Meals are delivered to the door.

They are set in individual bags making easy to grab and prep.

Recipe binder given.

Recipes can be chosen by difficulty.

Can be chosen by time taken.

Can choose lactose free and other dietary restrictions.

While I have enjoyed many of the meals, there were disadvantages.


         With individual packages means more waste.

         Sometimes food has arrived spoiled. Once I had to replace the “fresh” produce.

         It is costly. Almost 50 dollars a week for 2 meals.

         Many freezer packs.


        Sensory displeasing meals frequent

        Can only pause account, not cancel

I had set my menu at 2 meals a week for 2 people. I choose no milk and to allow vegan options. I am autistic, and one thing I had hoped for with a meal kit was to try food that did not put me through sensory hell. Unfortunately, a lot of cabbage and lettuce meals were provided. Those are textures, along with onion, that I dislike greatly. I simply will not eat them. As for cilantro, well, I am one of those who experience the cilantro tastes like dish soap thing.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience but would not purchase again if I was living alone. My kids loved the food though, and for that reason I may still order occasionally. I rate the service a 3 out of 5 Stars. If interested in signing up here is a link to 35% off: https://www.homechef.com/invite/damienk45

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