Trick-o-Treating? Five Things You Can do Instead

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links, if you click them to make a purchase I earn commission at no extra cost to you.

It is getting closer to Halloween, and with it costumes, candy, and haunted houses. This year also brings along covid-19. With the pandemic in mind, here is a list of 5 things you can do instead.  

1. Watch Abbot and Costello Meets Frankenstein

Pop the popcorn, grab the candy bucket, the kiddos, and turn on Halloween classics. One of my favourite classics is Abbot and Costello Meets Frankenstein.

2. Play Horror Related Games

Stuck inside with kids (or other adults) who won’t settle with a movie night? Grab the classic game boards, costume makeup, and play. A great game is Stupid Deaths which you can purchase on Amazon

3. Do a video costume contest.                                                                               

Get online with friends and hold a costume competition. Social Sites like Facebook and conferencing site Zoom make video meetings easier.

4. Have a Halloween Scavenger Hunt.

Hide candy, treats, and spooky things. Get your housemates together and find them. Or better yet, play Happy Halloween-Selfie Scavenger Hunt.

5. Make Halloween Crafts

This year is the perfect year to get crafty. We all got out sewing machines to bust out masks and learned to make sourdough breads. Wait, maybe that was just me? Here is a link to a Halloween wreath that’s cute and easy to craft

And if these ideas aren’t enough you can always read our post Halloween: A Brief History.  Remember stay safe, stay healthy and check out the CDC Guidelines for Halloween this year. 



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