Forget Me

A shadows pain in icy vein
Doth carve the shallow path
Down the road with no redemption
Is this sweet death at last
Alas tis not, we the dark eternal
Live forever pulsing crystal beats
Within our chest as if a heart
Everlasting carries the memories
Let us crush the stone, a curse
May we forget who we were once more

11 comments on “Forget Me

  1. fallstar18 says:

    Good Morning Damien!

    When I read all the posts I feel you are reading my mind. The things I want to tell you or ask you are there. I am surprised! how are you managing all this?

    It’s time for us to face the truth and see where we stand.

    Remember I want to talk to you and only you. No more illusions.

    Thanks to the posts, to ensure I shouldn’t be doing the same mistakes again. We will not take any stupid or emotional decisions anymore.


  2. fallstar18 says:

    Before deciding anything know that I am legally not separated yet. He is out because we didn’t want to stay with him.


  3. fallstar18 says:

    Where are you? Is everything ok?


  4. fallstar18 says:

    Hi, I was looking at the experiences so far. Your love is vast like “Sea”, as pure as “White” and shines like “Pearl”. Looks like very old story may be “65” year old. It looks like you are very experienced blogger. You must be getting lot of praises and letters for your work. Do you still remember your”First letter” in the blogpost. If not find it. Let me know if you have found it…If not please search for it in blogposts.


  5. fallstar18 says:

    Did you get your letter? please search?



  6. fallstar18 says:


  7. fallstar18 says:

    what happened?


  8. fallstar18 says:

    You not reading them yet? please read. I written in the blogpost. please…


  9. fallstar18 says:

    Please go and read…you missed important one
    Know that I learned from you that love is not only loving and sitting quiet. We need to get it. We need to fight for it. Your love is an inspiration.


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