New Year Wish

This is going to be casual
After all, what can I say
Am I wishing for a princess?
No, I wish for betterment
I spend all my life dreaming
Today, I want us all to wake
Do you see the flames fly
The world burned, S. Korea, Cali
Now Australia, I wish they’d listen
But goverment stoges sit
In offices cool and cozy
People March, people scream
People are dying everyday
But here I sit selfish dreams
New year wish to effect change
Raise the voices of the world
The meek, the dying, the silenced!

14 comments on “New Year Wish

  1. fallstar18 says:

    Hope you are doing well.
    Australia, fire…feel sorry for the people. Hope your friends and family are not affected.


  2. fallstar18 says:

    Was reading Australia fires… Feels so scary. I didn’t know about it much. Feel so sorry for the people who are effectd. It’s so easy for the people sitting outside and feeling bad. But what about the people who are really going through it. Hard to even imagine!

    Wondering where the world is heading. We are living in a world where we are not sure what happens at the next moment. Still we fight and plan for future. It feels so stupid and crazy.


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