I am Autistic and Why I do not Support The Aspergian Blog

Greetings My name is Damien Skye Knight and while I had not mentioned this on the blog before I suppose it’s time to come out. I am Autistic. Specifically at some point in my childhood I was Diagnosed PDD-NOS and ADHD. I might go further into that on the blog on a later date as I have promised everyone I would post concerning The Aspergian Blog.

Who was Hans Asperger?

He is the man credited with pioneering the study of Autism in children. Hans is problematic though because he also was Nazi Eugenicist. Here are some links:

The Truth about Hans Asperger

Hans Asperger Wiki

Why is this relevant? Well I posted to The Aspergian that well here:


I was not intending to be hostile or rude just tell the truth. I won’t visit a blog that clings to functioning labels and internalized ablism even if content is good. It’s not hostility, I voiced my concern and told them how I felt. The response I got:

This response? This is not how you respond to those who are your supposed blog audience. “We won’t coax you to stay in fact encourage you to go.” Sarcasm? Yet I am being told I am exclusionary and hostile while they use the Nuremberg Defense to defend the fact Hans sent children with Autism to their deaths.

If that was bad enough the fact they assumed I hadn’t already read that article irritated me. I had read their very Nazi Apologetic article on Hans Asperger. I had hoped they would change their mind if other autistic people spoke up. Unfortunately seeing as only I voiced concern I do not think they care.


Forgive the spelling errors guys, I make a lot of edits to my writing but I was using my phone when I replied to them. That was my response. Now I will note I still hadn’t told them I was Autistic, maybe that was why they reacted the way they did right well. I decided to respond to their community remark by bringing up that I am Autistic.


The one thing I will say, is it was at that point that I was answering with measured hostility. I was not pleased to be told they were welcoming while they did all they could to be unwelcoming.

So the Author of the actual post I had commented on replied. I was still upset and I explained how I saw the way I was approached best I could while in that state of mind.

All of that occured May 6th, today is the 8th so I thought it was over and done. Terra was not done.


Let’s dissect this. I, an autistic person, who is disturbed that a website meant to inform and advocate for us uses a functioning label in their name and posted an article defending a Nazi, am the one being ablest because I will not support those who use functioning labels and make ablest arguments???

Arguing with Terra is an impossibility so:


Terra could not let that stand and then said this:


Please Terra tell me you are self aware enough to realise you said you were fighting ableism because to me every response given was you defending your ablest terminology. I went to an autistic ran site with good articles that yes could be used to fight ableism if they weren’t clinging to functioning labels like Aspie.

I will not remain silent. When I came out as trans I was determined I would live as myself no masks. I was determined I would speak out from that point on. For that reason I cannot recommend The Aspergian, the way they interacted with me earned them this review of them.

Side note the Artist I spoke of, I will post another post about him as he deserves a full post advertising his work.

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