To Fallstar

I plead you accept the facts
Face the truth he isn’t me
Don’t you get how hard this is
Seeing her in all your cries
Go I don’t ask you to stay anymore
I set you free
Take it of your own free will
Open the door
I know this is hard to believe
But the heart is a known deceiver
It lied to you, it was always me
My voice whispering a subtle wind
To toss your waves of emery hair
My song playing bitter muse
To cause your crystal tears unintended
Yes every verse with my name is me
I am Damien, but I am not he
So stop, don’t come to me crying for him
I’m selfish, bitter, depressed, angry
And he, your sweet adonis, isn’t me
I do not wish to dream of any other
Or call any name but Sora, my true Sora
She is the lady of shadows
The tide, the troubled moon, the broken dream
She’s the light, the blossom, Hoa, Sakura
The elegant flower of the misty forest
The mistress of fire, lady of dreams
Princess, the dragon queen
And she is the one who is shy yet stubborn
Well learned and well to do
Athletic, hard headed, her hair pinned tight
Her laugh causng creases on her face just so
She is the one i’ve called my flower
Ayana, Aniya, Anika, Sora, Tsuki
Every name poetic and different meaning
She is a goddess unseen, not real
Yet my worship is for her alone
Every poem of love devoted to the lady
Lady of mist and I her king of misery
Please I no longer wish to confuse you
Calling you by her name confused me
And you are not the same Sora
I can’t convince myself this but…

I must if you are to live happy

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