What Dream?

I can’t shake the vision
Her face, the angles, curves
Slender fingers ice cold
The cherry blossom scent wafts
And I staring at her, voiceless
My lady of shadows?
No, for the words from her lips
Revealed her, though at first?
Not even Mars called out “My Damien?”
Never were that a phrase from her
Though Manda once yet she…
Would have no need to be sorry…
Sorry? For what? Why do I feel this
Braced as a man who tastes agonies kiss
I can’t keep seeing her
Yesterday after I woke I messaged Mars
Forgiveness, I gave it. Wrong person
I dreamt the dream again
Her eyes dark, pleading
“I’m sorry.” How do I reply?
Simply repeat that I try?
The poem I wrote for Anika
For the lady of dreams
‘I hold you prisoner in my mind’
It hits, “I am trying to let you go to him.”
I dreamt of another the day prior
As well also offered my forgiveness
Right before I found myself with her
Today I wake from repeated vision
Here you are, the phrase from her
“My Damien?” Like a question
And I look here, and you once more
How we both suffer agony
You for him… me for life itself


I wrote this as a reply to a comment about 21 days ago, realised I unintentionally wrote yet another poem. Poor girl no wonder I confuse her so.

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