Every Worry Is Her

She stood mid-court her hair pinned
White sport dress carved her form
She loose held the racket aside her
Her face a sour expression bore
Directed her scowel at my presence
“Sora, fair, you look well,
Aye, sweet maiden a bathroom do tell?”
“Here is a place you ought not be.”
Her voice vinegar she confronted me
“In this place ever changing?
Care, Aniya, guide me?”
Her face soften, steps forward
“It changes, Koraki, because
Once more you dream!”
“If so then are you not my Sora?
Lady who loves me and leans on my arm?
Alas, if dreaming am I the one wrong?”
She heaved a mighty sigh, turned away
“I remember it all now, know that I do,
Wake dark one we meet again soon
I shan’ t, no, can’t stay from my king
Know this, for it is true.”
Content in that moment I left her there
Yet my heart ever worries for my lady fair

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