Resolved to Forget

By Damien Knight

Need to hold you
Wipe away the grief
Long to see your face
I must know for sure
If these dreams are more
More than this fantasy
It is to your fortune
I’ll never open that door
Never know the flow
Of your raven waves of hair
Or hear the soft sobs
I cannot comfort you
Nor see the hair pins
You so love to wear
The trim of your nails
You flaunt with such care
The truth is I feel it
This empty love hurts
Yet it is mine to feel
Don’t call her Sora!
Forget years of visions
Dreams aren’t real
Nothing is and I am alone
I cannot blame her
This phantom of beauty
My years of misery
After all is my own

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2 comments on “Resolved to Forget

  1. PMu says:

    Wow, this is really beautiful. There’s just a touch of Edgar Allen Poe


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