Sealed Eternal Love

By Damien Knight

I can’t help looking in the eyes
Every dark haired woman I pass.
My mind on her alone, my soul dies
Thinking of all the words we’d say.
Will any have her honey gaze?
Are her eyes still swollen with tears?
It’s my fault, I reminded her of love
Created lines of love year after year
The blossom of the Sakura is dead.
Dormant, will it ever bloom again?
The visions, empty phantoms in my head
She dances, fiery day dream I summon her
Anika Sora, are you out there my love?
Think of her hair, thick, slick as obsedian
Her flower petals fall to the ground.
My heart leaps but I will only wake again!
Awake must I suffer this agony?
Can’t help ponder her, she made raven sing.
My heart sealed to the lady for eternity
This king has no need to remain in misery

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