The Card’s Vision

By Damien Knight

The cycle approaches my dear
Hold your family close
Hold your enemies closer
Welcome them as allies
Bring them into your home
Open armed, an asset
Surely other adversaries
Seem so tame in comparison

He is artistic, a love true
You dwell on his youthfulness
His kind heart his creative soul
He fills your dreams

You are his shelter in storm
His confidante, every day
You are his resting place
The reason he fights
Every day, it is you.

Sure there is a fight
Yeah it’s rough and scary
It’s a leap into the unknown
Take on the moment
What is important?
Is the battle worth it?
Then do it win the war

Win it because wishes
They can come true
And dreams can be real
It’s out there believe it
Happiness is yours.

This fresh love is yours
Yours to make and plan
Your hard work
Have faith you can do it

The secrets they taunt you
The riddles a challenge
The answers are in your dreams
They are in your heart
Trust your intuition
Ask your heart the truth

Princess remember it’s ok
Things are not at a loss
Don’t be overwhelmed
Fear and doubt
A prison you needn’t be in
Break free, for you, for him

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