Tiptastic Tuesday: How to Make a Holiday Wreath

By Damien Knight

To make this wreath, you will need:

One dollar store flower wood wreath. We used a red flower wreath.

Two of the dollar store Poinsettia Clips

One large dollar store bow. We used a red and green plaid bow.
Three feet of dollar store garland. We used a green snow powdered garland.
Two of the Eight-inch dollar store holiday picks.
Hot Glue Gun.


Prepare the dollar store wreath by removing the flowers and leaves. We cut the leaves from the red flowers and kept the flowers.

wreath Supplies

After you remove the flowers and prune off the leaves unravel the 3-foot garland. Wrap the garland around the wreath. Glue the end of the garland and wrap around until you reach the other end, glue again with the hot glue gun.

Once the garland is wrapped around the wreath hot glue the large bow to the bottom of the wreath. After, take the 8 in picks and stick them on either side behind the bow. It should look like this:


Decorate the top with the smaller flowers. You can just stick them in using the stems. If you wish to glue them in, you may.


Clip in the poinsettias on either side of the bow and glue them if you wish. Our end product looked like this:

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