False Sympathies (Dec 2012)

By Damien Knight

All the kindness in the world
Is not enough to save this man
It won’t bring back my girl
It won’t help me to stand
It’s empty platitudes
Without love it is nothing
So don’t expect my gratitude
Or hope your raven sings
The endeavor to cheer my heart
It is utterly pointless
You lied from the start
Without her my life is worthless
Feign compassion for likes if you will
My eyes won’t smile, if looks could kill

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3 comments on “False Sympathies (Dec 2012)

  1. fallstar18 says:

    Today is a very special day. It’s my Damien, my Prince birthday today. I wish him many many more years of happiness and love. Sending him lots of love on his special day! I LOVE YOU! my prince…

    I can’t wish him directly. I am not sure he will like it. So wishing him here. Also, I can’t write him all this. Hope my wish is accepted by GOD!


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