Koraki Dreams: The Girl in the Fire Place

By Damien Knight

I will preface this by stating that this was a dream I had. It is obviously a warped version of the Doctor Who episode “The Girl in the Fire Place.” During the dream it took me a bit to realise this.

Koraki stood at the top of the stairs of a Victorian ballroom. The ballroom walls were lined with mirrors where he felt certain Victorian art ought to be. He, himself, was dressed in a fine suit with a tie.

On the ballroom floor she stood. Anika was dressed in a fine white French Victorian ballgown. Her jet hair up-done and braided, her neck and ears adorned in finery. Koraki stared dazed at her radiance. This ballroom, her gown, his suit. This all felt familiar, had they been here before? He was certain it reminded him of something. A TV show he saw ages ago. He looked around, where were the automatons, clockwork men weren’t they? He saw them.

Anika’s eyes went wide as the mirrors explode along the walls. The clockwork men, wearing similar Victorian dress, burst in and attacked. She screamed and ran to his arms.

“What, my lord, is your suffering that you dream such a thing!” she whimpered into his chest.

The automatons slashed their swords at ballroom guests. The chaos below matched the hectic anxiety of Koraki’s mind. His deep sodalite eyes searched her emerald gaze. This, he was certain now, was a corrupted memory of a Doctor Who episode. It felt fitting, the constant anxiety of not having enough time. The shattering of glass, his fear of mirrors multiplied here.

“I think love, we are here because of my PTSD,” he murmured.

Koraki embraced Anika, tilting his face into her hair. He breathed in her perfume, the scent of cherry blossoms easing his mind. Her heartbeat he felt against his own. It pleased him she was there to calm his fears.

“Don’t suffer so, my prince, wake from here.” Anika whispered.

The scene faded along with her song like voice and Damien rolled over rubbing his eyes. He searched the bed for his glasses. As he sat, he mulled over the dream a bit before glancing at his phone. Today he had to take a test, her words…

“Don’t suffer so my prince…”

“If only, Sora, if only.” Damien sighed and started his day.

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