Dare Not Dream

By Damien Knight

If you think I am resting, that I might sleep clear
How can the heart rest when my head is full of doubt and fear
I hope to no longer have to say sorry, simply hold on to love
I should know better, no one hears my prayers above
I do not deserve pity, affection I can’t earn
She will not find me, I never do seem to learn
She is to fair and beautiful to be real and true
Eyes that stare into the soul, lips of ruby, kisses blew
Her dark glassy obsidian hair drapes her shoulders, slender steady
Her small face with arched brow, high round cheeks, a shy grin at me
No how can I rest knowing I will see her when I sleep
And when I do I will wake once more to weep
Others have their chosen loves beside them in this world
I am destined to never have my fair and perfect girl

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